Saturday, March 16, 2013


I had planned on staying up till midnight last night and giving Selah all her meds.  Then Jon was going to do the 2 am and 6 am meds...THEN....her feeding pump did something and pumped out her feeds on the bed and her so we were up cleaning ...I think I went to bed at 4 or so...not even sure but I did sleep till Noon:)

I am exhausted tonight....I'm usually a person who goes to bed around 10 or 11 pm and gets up at 6 or 7 am and feels great.  these past few weeks have kicked my butt!  I keep telling myself "only two more weeks till the casts are off" she will be back to her regular schedule then and hopefully back to peaceful nights!   We had stopped having a night nurse for several reasons and had had no issues until now!  I've asked for one a couple of nights a week so we can plan some things with our family, so we'll see.  I'm picky about nurses and now know what to look for and what to avoid! 

Selah had a peaceful day with her Franciscan Monk, who is quite happy with the new pope:)

So today I went through my husband's closet.  As a chaplain and department head, he has a dress requirement.  Sometimes it is not enforced and sometimes it is...we are in the sometimes it is right now....So I gave his closet a good cleaning out (he tends to hoard old things lol)  I ironed and put together about 2 weeks of clothes so I don't have to bother later.  He will actually be wearing a tie....   Ironing is strangely soothing to me...  so I watched the news and ironed for a couple of hours...  Also the kids will have ironed clothes for church tomorrow:)  Remember I have a psychology minor....I totally get myself LOLOL  Ironing is safe and doesn't take any thought effort, it's soothing:)

Please pray for our Thursday nurse, they released her from the hospital but her 14 yr old daughter was having surgery at another hospital today due to the injuries she received in the head on collision.   Please pray for both of them!   Please continue to pray for Selah!  Please pray that we get a good night sleep tonight.  I am so tired! 


  1. I laughed at your statement that for you the ironing is soothing. I have a very ill daughter, and I do laundry as my calmimg thing. I have decided in my case it is a control issue....sometimes those machines are all I can control. I can turn them on, or turn them off. Funny how we each find our own way to manage the stress and unpredictability of life with someone who is ill.
    I am so sorry your little Selah has so many struggles, and I pray she can return to her normal in time. Brains heal so slowly, but since you still see progress you have real hope of even more progress. That is my prayer for you...for continued hope and peace every day as Selah's brain continues to heal.

  2. Continuing to pray for you all! Some times Google will only let me mark my reactions but not post. Still reading!