Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This morning I was doing some errands and went down a street in town that I've not gone on in a long time and saw a new Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy office!  I went in and got some info and we are excited.  We hadn't looked into it as much as we wanted to since we knew it would involved me driving her daily to either Tampa, Orlando or St Pete.  Usually a child is seen 2x a day for an hour at a time.  So I thought I would need to wait until things calmed down more.   It would have been hard to schedule it.  Then I see one just a few miles from my home! 

We already have begun the process to start her.  I'm getting together her medical records and a few things.  Of course it is not covered by insurance at this time.  There are some things that insurance will cover HBOT for but brain injury/near drowning is not one of those.  So....we will be doing some fund raising for this therapy.  It is not cheap nor does it come with any guarantees.  It is not FDA approved.  There have been studies done that indicates it helps brain damage but the jury is still out.  We don't know if it will help her, we just know we are going to try it....  I am looking at various ways to set up a site where folks who'd like to give could give towards her treatment.  Hopefully I will have something in place in the next few days.

We've always believed in researching and trying things to see if they'd work for our children.  We were told there was nothing that could be done for Sam and yet we found a doctor that was able to give him a measure of sight.  This may not "cure" Selah but maybe it will help her improve.  She is still on fish oil so maybe the two things together would be the thing that would help her the most.  One of the men who recovered completely from a brain injury and who is on the study Selah is on, also did HBOT.  And in my opinion, he has the fullest recovery of anyone that was on the study (that we've seen video of) 

So tonight I feel more hopeful for Selah to have some more recovery than I have in awhile.....I believe God gives doctors wisdom and knowledge in order to help others.  So I feel like seeing this office was an answer to prayer.  I actually passed it as I was on my way to the bank and then turned around and went back to it:)  Believe me, I was excited!!!!

Selah has had a really good day today.  It seems she has turned the corner and is not as bothered by her casts...Only one week and 5 days to go:) 

Our nurse told me that the PT had told her that Selah had really good skin, fat, and more muscle tone (in a good way) than any child she'd ever worked with that was in a near drowning accident.  That also encouraged me as the PT is not one to throw out compliments or anything false to get hopes up, she is pretty realistic.  Selah is so round, so normal looking in her limbs and body.  She looks very healthy.  I take that as a good sign.  I think kids who have these type of brain injuries often have their muscles atrophy and there is often other issues in which they don't thrive as well.  Selah has thrived to say the least, she is a Chub and looks adorable:)  We've been blessed not to have to deal with some things like that.  I take that as a good sign. 

We have a nice rainy night here in Florida, just what the garden needs, a long slow soak.  I hope it rains all night!

Here is an interesting article.  It is from Charisma magazine, a magazine I used to like but have grown tired of for the most part over the last few years.  This article however is really good and says what I was trying to say a few nights ago about WHY so many folks are excited about this new Pope.  We, in the charismatic/pentecostal movement are growing TIRED of silly celebrity preachers....   Anyhow I thought you might find this interesting. 

Thank you all as always for praying for Selah.  I appreciate it and probably none of us will truly know what the power of prayer really does this side of eternity...but I know God hears....I still am like the widow woman who Jesus talked about.  I pray most of my waking moments for Selah to be healed.  My husband has always called me a bulldog (as a compliment)  and I tell God that I have no one and nothing but Him and I'm not going to let go and I will not stop praying for a miracle for her.  I hope I "bother" God like the widow bothered the unjust judge....I tell God that He is a just Judge but I won't stop praying for my La-la. 

One of my BFFs will have TWO of her sons in surgery tomorrow!  They both are having their tonsils out and of course there are some concerns.  My friend was also given some hard news today about another one of her children, who was diagnosed with a learning disorder that is not something that will respond much to therapy....she has alot on her tonight.  Please pray for my dear friend who has been there for me so many many times....


  1. Praise God! If that isn't a sign from God--HBOT *right there*....well I don't know what is!

    IMO..if it won't hurt, why not try it? We've used "alternative" therapy for things. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not, but if you don't try you don't know. But I think it WILL help!

    Praying for your friend and her was hard finding out my son has LDs (and he needs more testing than just from the school) BUT I wouldn't have him any other way....he's turned my hair white but he makes me laugh every single day.

    I'm typing this and looking at your Sweet Shad's grinning face....what a blessing he must be to you (as all your children are!)....I smile right back, and get "warm fuzzies" seeing that ever-present smile!! It's infectious...I just can't stop grinning so I better finish up this comment ;) Tell him thank you for me!

    Grateful for the rain, lowers the pollen count a bit, which is good for my son (asthma).

    Sending love and prayers!

  2. Yeah! So grateful for HBOT near your home. We took in our son through foster care just weeks after near death by suffocation. We were able to do HBOT with him, but we're on a low dose of fish oil. We drove over an hour to get there and the cost kept us from continuing, but we did one full set of 40 treatments in 20 days then did a couple partial treatments that were interrupted by sickness. Long story short.... I saw a very real change in our little guy. Half way through the treatment he went from HATING his bath to loving his bath. I believe it set the stage for his brain to begin new connections. Our little guy still has very little in the abilities dept. but he is content, does not have any contractures and laughs a lot. He is 5 years post injury and we continue to see improvements in his alertness and social interactions. Praying God uses this in little Selah's healing.