Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lazy Thursday!

Here is Shad practicing with Steve's old bow and arrow.  He is so excited and loves it!  He does pretty good with it too.  Now he wants the BB gun LOL  Now Steve wants a cross bow!  GEEZ!

Shad Hood

Look at that!!!!
Here's my garden today, the collards multiply like rabbits LOL
Selah had a restful night, no issues and has been fine all day.  We are just assuming that whole high heart rate and heart beat was just an oddity....
Today she got a gift from another dear dear adoptive mom who I have just come to love!  Shelly sent her some dresses and leggings.  She sent so much, some of the leggings were solid colors and some had designs on them.  What was amazing is they match things already in her closet.  Her nurse was amazed at all her clothes:)  Selah went from a size 3T  at the time of the accident (we'd only been home 14 weeks) to now a size 6, 7 or 8 depending on the clothes!  So we had to start all over with her closet!  It's been a little challenging to find the right things for her but I love for her to look cute:)  She has an amazing summer wardrobe...we just need SUMMER!!!  BRRRR!  It is COLD here in Florida!  We had frost for the last 3 nights, and we've had to cover the plants. 
Here is Selah's closet:)  I love to dress her nice:)
This is her new bath chair.  It had been ordered for months and I wasn't sure if it was ever coming and then SURPRISE I got a call this morning!!  A sweet reader had sent me her daughter's chair and we've been using it.  It was much larger , I'm almost worried this one will be too small!
Thank you again for your prayers for Selah1!!!
ps...some more Shad pictures!
Sharp Shooter Shad!

Don't worry it is just a BB gun:)  He loves it

Henry and BJ...Henry has beome tame and is fixed.  BJ can only be petted sometimes.  I sure miss all my cats!  I just keep hoping these guys will survive whatever is taking/killing the cats!


  1. Tell Shad to keep it up and one day he can go to the Olympics! I keep telling my sharpshooters that and they shrug me off! Way to go Shad! Sheri

  2. We have the same bath chair. It's great! If you take off the legs and lower it, she could go in a small size pool at home and enjoy the water this summer. We like being able to raise and lower the back. Aww... the top of her closet looks like our kiddos' closet...Chux pads.
    Looking forward to seeing how you dress up the little girls for Easter/Resurrection Sunday.;) I love dressing up mine. Blessings to you all.