Friday, March 22, 2013

Rainy night ~ thoughts on an orphan girl

PLEASE read this and pass it on your FB, blog, email, church prayer line.........I believe I KNOW this child....this family is adopting two children a boy and a girl from my girls' former mental institution. I played with and spent quite a bit of time with the boy. The girl I ...believe we met one weekend we were graciously allowed to go and visit our girls ( very unusual the favor we had) We were out on the "porch" area with the girls and this girl was out there lying in a travel crib! She is 16 yrs old, I'd never would have guessed that although I knew she was older. She would smile at us throughout our visit and honestly it made me uncomfortable. Why? Because we were loving on and playing with our girls and she had no one. I sat on the floor there and prayed in my heart that the girl would have a family come for her. I will admit, I had NO faith that if would happen, she was older and obviously very physically handicapped...but her haunted me. BUT GOD.....He had a plan for her!     PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTACTS THAT CAN HELP THEM GET TICKETS IN 1ST CLASS FOR HER AND HER MOM OR THE NURSE WHO WILL BE FLYING HOME WITH THEM, PLEASE HELP US OUT!   She is unable to sit for more than a few minutes.  She must be able to recline.  here is the family's blog, it is beautifully written.....they've taken pictures of the child and it shows how awful her condition is.  She has CP and scoliosis  and her back is twisted.  There is no way she can sit up from Ukraine to America!

I tell you what, the fact this girl, has a family that have come to adopt just blows me away.....totally blows me away.  God HEARS the prayers of these orphans.  One day when we stand before the King, He is going to require of us an accounting of how we have spent our we took care of "the least of these"  What will you say???  I know I will say I have NOT done enough!  I've wasted so many many years of my life not doing ALL I could for others.  Now our circumstances are not in a place where we could adopt again.  That grieves my heart.  I wish I had done more.....much much more.....

Here is a picture of Selah and me and their daughter ( I beleive) in the background.  She is cognitive as you can tell from her interchanges with the facilitator and her family in their blog.  I had wondered how they trusted a child outside like that by herself but now I understand.   Most of the children at the institution were very low cognitively. 
Selah had a good day, she had her OT evaluation and that will be starting soon.  I'm continuing to get everything ready for her to do the HBOT.  I was going to try and put a paypal button up on the side of my blog but I've decided not to do that.  If you'd like to give to her HBOT, please send a check to our church Grace Church 7060 Berry Rd, Zephyrhills Fl 33540.  attn Selah Clanton medical treatments.  You will get tax credit and the church will just issue one payment to the therapy office.  We have no doubt, that God will provide whatever she needs for her medical treatment.  It will cost about $4,400 for the first set of treatments, if there is any real change we will do a second set.  Our doctors are cautious and not too encouraging about the HBOT, and I respect that...however if I'd listen to the medical world about Sam's eye implants, my son would still have no sight.  It worked for him, for others the eye surgery did not (or they weren't eligible like Sarah)  So the HBOT might not work for Selah BUT we must try everything to see what can help her!  I wouldn't want to have that regret in the years to come.  It's best to do treatment as soon as possible after the accident to see the best results. 
Well my house is Spring Cleaned:)  I'm Happy Happy Happy about that:)  Tonight is a nice rainy night and Selah is calm and asleep, my other little ones will be soon....I feel a sense of contentment that I've not felt for some time. 
Thank you for your many prayers for our family and for the many other needs I bring to your attention.  Please pass this need on for this little girl and her family!  And please continue to pray for our precious jewel.....


  1. Any chance of setting up a fund to get them the $ for the first class tickets?

  2. I sent Tina a message...I will let you all know! thanks

  3. Awesome news on so many levels!! It is good to hear that you had a day of CONTENTMENT! I pray for your entire family to have Peace and Endurance every day and for Selah's continued healing. Praying for your continued Contentment as well!! Will be so glad to see those casts of her legs and her little legs again.

  4. Never really think my posts make it to you, but I am so glad to hear you had a day of CONTENTMENT. I pray for Selah's healing and your family to have Peace and Endurance every day. Can't wait to see her little feet with no casts, and I know she will be happy too! Praying for more spirit of contentment be poured over you. :) So thankful to see your family's fight for her healing! My Mom heard a speaker MANY years ago who had been in a coma for 7 months. She said that she knew what was going on around her the whole time and could hear her family being sad and talking about the situation. She wanted to tell them she was still with them but just was stuck. But she woke up one day and traveled to tell her miraculous story. Praying the same for Selah!!