Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Selah's home! God protected us today!

Selah dressed and ready to go home!
Selah is safely home and asleep.  She had a good night last night thank God and seems to be doing good now.  Since she has large casts on her legs I had to go buy her some new clothes today.  She had already outgrown just about everything we had gotten before the accident.  All of the new things I've gotten her were shirts/shorter dresses and leggings.   She won't be wearing leggings right now so I found her some longer dresses at Old Navy.  I found the cutest dress at a thrift store from Old Navy and I tried there this morning hoping they'd have something else like that and they did.  Doesn't she look sweet?  Although she was not too happy with me when i took that picture, we'd just given her a bed bath and shampoo.  She sticks her tongue out when she is upset.  Other than that she has learned how to keep her tongue in most of the time. 
Shad went with me to pick her up so he could sit with her in the back and watch her as I drove home.  I have come a LONG way in the past 8 weeks!!!  In the beginning I wouldn't transport her unless she was in an ambulance LOL!  Traffic was terrible and very slow on I-275 north until we got up aways and then everyone sped up.  All of a sudden traffic skidded to a stop, right in front of me and cars were going off the side of the road.  I didn't know what had happened but knew it was bad and knew we were about to have a very bad wreck!  I screamed "Jesus help me" and basically STOOD on my brake to stop the van.  I was able to stop inches from the back bumper of a SUV.   A vehicle ( I couldn't tell what it was but a bigger one) about three cars in front of me had blown a tire, went across the road and landed in the woods upside down on some trees.  I think someone was thrown from the car.  It was awful!   I couldnt' stop to help since I had Selah in the car but many people did stop.  It is a miracle there wasn't a big pile up involving dozens of cars.  I was fighting tears as I doubt the person(s) lived that were involved in the accident.  I was very thankful that we were spared and I know our brakes work great.  My legs were still shaking when I got home about 30 minutes later.  Also on the way home, there was a forest fire and I had to drive through deep smoke with ash raining was an adventurous ride home today!
(this was in Pasco Co between Wesley Chapel and Zephyrhills)  Not near my house at all
So after a long day, I'm glad we are all under one roof once again.  Selah seems peaceful and not too stressed, although her heart rate is like 110-115 while sleeping which is too high but not awfully bad.  I'm hoping she will sleep tonight as I am worn out and want to sleep too:)
Today the reality of how just a few seconds can change your life hit me in the face again.  Actually on the way to pick Selah up, coming off the interstate on to MLK traffic was stopped and I didn't notice it at first and almost hit a car too.  That wasn't as serious but it's crazy that the same thing almost happened twice to me in one day.  I'm a good driver, clean record so to have two near misses today is eerie!  But I could be in the hospital or worse tonight.... a few seconds can change your whole life....
Thank you all for praying for Selah and please continue to pray for her.  Pray for her to have peace and to not be uncomfortable.  She will have to have a cast changed next week as she has had some bleeding, not too much and expected by the doctor (not by me)


  1. Gosh you gave me a mini heart attack..i actually first misunderstood the title 'Selah's home'.
    I didnt take it as home home, but went home to God (mh..I dont even know if you say that, because i wouldnt)..
    So yeah my heart skipped a beat.
    Im glad shes okay and that the surgery went well.
    I think a lot about her, about you and your family and check daily for yeah maybe next time another title would be great haha.

    Lots of love

    1. Oh gosh:) I'm sorry!!!!!!!!! I see how it could be taken! thanks for you thoughts and prayers and checking on us:)