Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some Sunday family pictures

I did take some pictures of the kids today that I wanted to share.  I love these pictures. 

This is before church.  I tried on this dress I bought sometime last year at a thrift store for $ fit perfectly and she is just so beautiful in it.  I need to crop out my bed and just have her  in these....

she is regal:)




Is this perfect or what except for my crazy quilt background.  Sarah is so sweet. 



the boys:)

Sarah is fascinated with Shad right now.  She always wants to sit by him and gets right up in his face (we think to see him better)  it is so cute to watch them. 
Selah getting ready to go night night

 Purple casts

She's a little more alert
I'm thankful for and love all of my children.  I feel extremely blessed to be their mom. 

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