Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Selah's surgery went great.  The doctor feels it was successful and should heal perfectly.  There were very few pediatric surgery cases today and Selah was treated like royalty:)  Yeah St Joe's!  She went in on schedule, the surgery was finished before schedule!  Selah was so upset in recovery that they really had to give her lots of drugs to calm her down.  I don't think she was in pain as much as she was ticked off about the casts.  She tried to left her right leg up and down a few times, which was cool but she had her crying face on and had a few tears.  I felt so bad for her!!!

I decided for her to stay so they could manage her discomfort and they had her up to a room in just a few minutes.  What was so nice, her nurse had taken care of her before and so had the aide and they were both really sweet ladies.  I left late this afternoon to take my friend home and to pick up Selah's gtube (but it never came)  Selah finally slept all afternoon.  She is still sleeping and I've asked them to give her as much meds as possible tonight.  I'm not into giving drugs but she is in pain and upset about the casts.  Selah is very tactile sensitive, which means she hates stuff to touch her or be on her.  The casts are going to drive her crazy.  They are on for 4 weeks, I have a feeling it will be a long 4 weeks for everyone. 

I was able to hold her on my lap for a little bit and with the casts on, her legs are pulled down by gravity which makes her knees bend naturally.  The doctor told me that would happen and it looks beautiful.  I kept saying "look at those nice knees!!"  Since she keeps her legs straight most of the time, it was nice to see them so rounded.  I can say I"m already seeing a positive from the surgery. 

Changing the meds around last night was the answer to her blood pressure problem.  She slept all night last night (which means I did too!!!!!)  I woke up at 6 am all discombobulated :)  I went in to check on her and her oxygen level was 100% and her heart rate 78, which was perfect:)  I may not see a low heart rate like that for a month though! 

PLEASE pray for Selah that she will recover quickly and that she will be able to tolerate the casts on her legs!  I know that is the hardest thing for her.  She is very upset about it. 

Her is a picture of Shad, Sam , Jon and Sarah watching "The Bible" on tv Sunday night.  It was pretty good, not 100% accurate but we had some good discussions about some of the parts.  I really like the beginning, the creation part.  What an awesome God we serve, the One who created the heavens and the earth.  If you wonder, I believe in the literal interpretation of scripture.  If it is there, it happened.  I don't believe Jonah and the Whale was an allegory like Mr Bill O'Reily does (even tho I like to watch him)  I believe in the Beginning....all the way to the End ...and I look forward to the End of the Bible....when the God who created the heavens and the earth shall wipe away the tears from our eyes, there will be no more death, no sorrow, nor crying, neither will there be pain, for the former things are passed away...Read Revelations 21 and 22....  What a day that will be....I look forward to that day, especially today, I look forward to that day....
Seeing Selah in pain/being uncomfortable is heart wrenching and I hate it so very very much.  It may seem like a fairy tale to some who read this, but knowing that there is coming a day when there is no pain or sorrow for my children who have had to face so much over their lifetimes, gives me something to hold onto.  There were several times today I just wanted to break down and have a hissy fit that my poor little girl was having to go through one more thing...  That wouldn't do any good and probably would make the staff think they need to call for a psych consult for me!  So I reminded my heart this verse that one day God Himself will wipe away the tears from our eyes and that there will be no more pain....  I thank God for the promises He gives us!


  1. Glad to hear her surgery went well and quick! We'll be praying for her tolerance for the casts and that she won't regress while they are on.

  2. It's so darn hard to get through that recovery, isn't it?! Sounds like you passed w/ flying colors and knowing S's extra needs will really help her get through this next four weeks. You're doing an amazing job!!