Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Call

A year ago today I got "the Call"...a real literal call telling me our lives were about to change.  Not everyone gets such a call. 

Our paperwork had been in country for two months as we waited through all the Ukraine shut downs for Christmas, various holidays, the change over at the adoption office...finally some families started getting their calls telling them they had a date to meet with the DAP to get their child's referral...I was JEALOUS when I heard others got their dates, I was ready!  So that fateful Monday morning I had really just about given up hope.  Many times the call came early (like 6 am early)  so by the time it was 9 am, almost all hope was gone.  I was still sitting on the couch with my home phone and cell beside me and on the computer looking to see if anyone else in our group got their call when the phone rang....  OMGosh....it was our stateside helper telling me we had a date to meet the DAP at 10 am on April 2 .....WOOHOO!!!  I cried and screamed and the poor lady hung up to call others, with her ears ringing:) 

I called Jon and then set about booking our tickets immediately.  We were leaving on March 30th to meet our girls......

Knowing that the call was coming, I was trying to pack our bags but not being able to get too far with them.  The call did not help, it made things even crazier:)  I HATE to fly and so now I had that to dread too but we were going...Someone in the goverment of Ukraine was kind enough to see our paperwork and give us a date.  I was excited/scared/terrified/ and kinda was thinking we'd lost our ever living minds:)


So that begins my first blog about our one year anniversary.....I plan on blogging about it since I didn't when we were in Ukraine for the most part.  I have some great pictures to share.  Thankfully I saved my pictures by the dates so I will know the corresponding dates/posts.... 

Selah had PT this morning and that seems to just center her for the day.  Her nurse took her outside for awhile also.  She is relaxed and we have only one week and six days till the casts come off!  WE gave her a real bath today and then I blowdried her hair.  She looks so good and clean.  It takes me and the nurse and Steve to get her in and out even with the bath chair but once she is in the tub, the bath chair is the BOMB:)  I got her squeaky clean today:)

Finally I started back walking.  Before we left for Ukraine I walked just about every day for 3-5 miles a day for years.  Once we came home I walked some but it was challenging to get the three little ones up, breakfasted, and ready to meet my friends.  I only went a few times and then I had a horrible issue with my foot that ended up requiring several surgeries.  Then NY happened....so anyhow I am back, full speed ahead.  We did three miles this morning on the Mountain:)  Our hospital has a cardiac 1/2 mile track that will kick a Florida's girl's butt!  It has real hills built in.   So this morning we did it 6 times around.  It felt great, love the burn and the sweat:) Even got to go out with my friend to eat breakfast since she had some unexpected free time!   Came home and finished the garden, put in two box gardens of potatoes and one with carrots.  Then I ran to the store, and got "The Hobbit" my kids have been dying to see it.  They saw it when it came out in theaters but was ready for it to come to the Clanton Theater.  I also found Duck Dynasty season 1 and 2!  HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY:)    Yes we like DD.  When I first started seeing folks post about it I thought it sounded crazy...yep that's about right, crazy like I grew up.  I know so many good old boys like those guys, they just make me smile:)

It felt good to go and do something like walking and eating out with a friend.  Most of what I do right now revolves around Selah, which is necessary and which I want to do, but I know I need time to see that the world does gone on.  It's so easy to get focused on your problems and sorrows. 

After my scare the other night, I've resolved to be healthier.  (we actually have been researching some things)    We've always eaten healthy (except for my Pepsi addiction and love of fried chicken)  I'd been reading a book called "The Great Cholesterol Myth"  We've always eaten low fat due to my husband's family history of heart disease.  BUT after reading this book it makes us wonder....my family was a country family, they cooked everything with LARD!  Lots of things were fried, but most home grown.  We used REAL butter....no one in my family died of heart disease.  In fact most died of old age OR lung cancer ( as most of the men smoked BUT the men were all in their 70's when they got the cancer)  Most everyone lived to their 80's or even 90's....    According to this book they ate more natural foods and nothing or very little processed foods so that is the best for the body and the heart overall.   Jon did take a statin drug but he had heard about this book some months ago, and the risks of statins and decided to come off them.  I was not happy with him but agreed to it if he'd take fish oil.  Well with the past few months, everything has been out of wack but now we are going to really focus on healthier eating (but no I can't bring myself to use Lard!  Just Olive Oil)   I'm going to set up appointments for us to get all our bloodwork checked and just to watch things on him.   You might find this book interesting.  I'm actually going to buy it so I can really mark it up.  I even bought real organic butter the other day....NEVER had before in my life!  We are still researching but one thing the book is big about is lowering the sugar in your diet.  I don't really like sweets but I do love Pepsi but I have gone off it completely.....I'm drinking tea and coffee now which both have good things in them, I do sweeten them but less than before.  Tea has so many good things in it.  My family drank tea by the gallons....maybe that is why they all lived so long and were pretty healthy.  I add lemon to my tea, really squeeze it in to give an additional boost of Vitamin C and it is supposed to clean the liver out too.   I'm not having any soda in the house so my kids are not happy but they will live....  We are taking Vitamin C, Fish oil ( Dr Sear's Brand http://www.zonehealth.com/theclantonfamily  the same pure type that Selah takes but in capsule form for us)  CoQ12, and a baby asprine a day. 

Thank you all for your very sweet and supportive posts and emails about my blog on the anxiety attack.  I almost had another one last night but I took a pill and walked outside for a little bit and then sat on my swing and made myself breath deep for a few minutes.  I often quote scriptures to myself , so I can focus on that rather than the problems at hand.  Scripture comforts me and I'm thankful for all the memorization I did growing up.  I wasn't so happy about it at the time but now I know it gets in your heart and stays there! 

There is nothing else in this world that is firm and unchanging but God.  Kingdoms rise and fall, people come and go, circumstances changes, finances change but God is forever faithful and is the solid rock that I stand on.  "On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand"   I'm thankful for that real solid Rock to stand on......

Thank you for all your prayers for Selah and for us!  I do not take them for granted! 


  1. Hi!

    I've been reading your blog for a while and praying for Selah.

    Check out this book called. Nourishing Traditions. Super!!! Try getting it on half.com it's by Susie Fallon I believe.

  2. My husband has a family history of cholesterol issues--and the doc wanted him on statins and he said NO WAY....besides the fish oil I he may take something else...but he's asleep (I'm such a night owl). I'll ask him if there's anything else to recommend.

    We try to eat less processed foods, less sugar, more healthy stuff....my son and I do have health issues (and they lead to us being more susceptible to germs). But we try to treat colds/etc with natural remedies. I can't even remember the last time my daughter went to the doctor for anything (turns 18 today *sniffles*).

    I tell you, it's probably a good thing you are homeschooling....it makes me crazy how many bugs my son comes home with from school....and I know how hard it is on Selah if she gets sick.

    Sorry, off on a tangent there!

    The way we feel is that it's ok to have those "comfort foods"....everything in moderation....but we get organic or "greenwise" when we can. I really am inspired by your gardening....hope to get a garden planned this summer!

    You're going to do fabulous with your new way of eating! You are always so determined when you set your mind to it :)