Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Our Pt decided to try Sarah on a regular walker...
she worked hard
she was very determined  See how she crosses her feet over each other?  That is what hangs her up from walking good.  No one knows why she does it or how to explain to her NOT to do it.  Sarah's receptive language skills (what she understands ) is probably about a 9 month old level. 

Go Sarah Go!

For some reason this picture just grabs my heart....
So the little ones had PT this morning and all did good.  Sarah really enjoys the new walker and looks so cute in it!!!
Selah is doing good, haven't seen the independent movement like we did yesterday.  Her PT thought Selah smiled at her! 
Late yesterday I finally spoke to the doctor who is over the HBOT center and he'd like to see Selah off the trach if possible before she starts HBOT.  So this morning I hunted down all kinds of leads and may have found someone at our local hospital that could work with her!  She was out today but should be in tomorrow to talk to us about it. 
I got tons of errands done today and am feeling quite productive....I had a long list and went right down it:)   This is unusual for me anymore!  Before the past year I was the energizer bunny but now I feel I've accomplished something if I get a shower and dry my hair.....  I don't like feeling like that but that is how I've felt, just absolutely overwhelmed.  Hopefully, with God's help, I am overcoming that heaviness and being able to get back to the REAL me!
Thank you for all your prayers for us!  We appreciate each and every one!
ps...I feel a blog coming on....I'm very concerned about the direction this country is hurling itself


  1. I am a PT and sometimes put a theraband between the legs of the walker (one band tied between the left front and left back and another tied between the right front and right back) and then put the child's leg inside the band (the rubber band keeps their legs apart). Hopefully that makes sense; it may be an idea to help with the criss crossing.

    1. I think our PT had thought about it or mentioned it to me. I will ask her about it! thanks

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  4. Hi Yvonne, I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been following Selah's journey since shortly after the accident. She is in my prayers and I love to come read how she is doing every day. :)

    Have you ever heard of the Taos? I work for a family with several kids with special needs and one of the kids has a mobility device called a Taos. When I saw the pictures of Sarah in the walker, I started wondering if the Taos would help her with her crossing legs. Here's the website if you want to look into it. :)http://www.taos1.com/

    God Bless!

    1. thank you and no I've not heard of it!

  5. What about a reverse walker? (the kind that go behind you.) They don't allow you to bend over so much, instead making the child stand up taller. Does your PT think that type would work for her? Then she could concentrate on her legs more and not the being upright part.

  6. Yvonne,

    Rifton Equipment Company makes a Pacer Gait trainer which includes "prompts" (AKA straps) to prevent leg scissoring. You might check them out.