Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Unexpected Problems

Last night Selah had a near "storm".  Nothing was out of place but around 7:30pm her heart rate and Blood pressure just soared!  The nurse called for me and we worked together to get all her meds in her quickly.  It took almost an hour for her to get below 140 beats a minute.  That is where her machine is set for alarms.  She shook some but didn't raise her arms and get rigid.  She also didn't sweat like before.  Thankfully it only took about 10 minutes for her blood pressure to respond, it originally was like 173/96!  All night as we got up to check on her her heart beat stayed at 115!  This morning the same.  I had planned on meeting one of my BFFs to go out to eat and do some things and everyone said for me to soon as I left, her heart rate went under 100 ....LOL  was Selah mad at me? 

We don't know what happened.  Her nurse went back and reviewed all the notes since Selah has been home and it seems every two weeks or so she has a small episode but usually lasting only a few minutes.  It was discouraging:(

She is doing perfect now, asleep and calm!  We are happy!

I did get to go out with my close life long (about 26 year old friend-we've been friends longer than we've been married) friend Jackie and we had some good laughs!  We also ate...first Olive Garden then later Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!!!!!!   I've only been one time to a KK shop and that was back "in the day" when I didn't believe in eating ( during college)  Today I made up for that LOL  I'm ashamed to say how many we ate but they were fresh and just melted in our mouths!  I did take some home to the kids so everyone was happy:)

Please pray for Selah that this is not the beginning of new issues for her!  Monday her casts come off and we have lots of things planned for her as far as therapy goes.  Thank you all!!!

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