Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good update on Selah ---Museum trip - Train ride!

Great news on Selah, she is totally responding to the antibiotic.  Her culture grew out a bacteria today and thankfully the doctor had already guessed the right antibiotic to put her on:)  So she is really doing great!  Looks like she maybe able to come home tomorrow:)  She has been sleeping alot, like me, making up for the past few days.  Her heart rate is back in the 90's thank God! 

We were leaving to go over today and "someone" lost my keys....I won't "out" the person on here.  I was pretty upset.  Thought about calling Jon but it's hard and a big deal for him to leave the prison, so I went ahead and put Sam down for a nap (he was at his crib crying to get in- I have such odd children)  and I had started supper when the keys were found....  I hate to miss seeing her today but by that time it was almost 5 we'll go in the morning and bring her home:)  I spoke to her sweet nurse and she said she was sleeping again anyhow.  Selah was literally awake for 3 days.  I doubt she got as much sleep as I did which was nothing.....


A year ago today we got up rather early and went and got our REFERRALS!  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of them!  I was thrilled that they were in my hands!  I knew then the girls were ours!!

Since we got an early start our facilitator had time to take us to a WWII museum.  Our whole family finds WWII interesting.  It was awesome to be in a country with so much history from that time period, although most of the history was very sad.

We took the bus to the museum.  That was an experience in and of itself. 
Look at what is behind Steve's head....Dominoes Pizza!

Jon and George discussing history

Lots of steps....Sam began walking steps in Ukraine:)

the entrance way is lined with those stone statues

Huge statue  We went up in it.

It was cold on the top of the hill

I've always found the Nazis interesting NOT that I think they were good, but just how ruthless they were!  they were really hell bent on taking over the world


In the statue

George and our guide for the museum and Jon


symbol of peace

This was the KGB headquarters.....
The museum was very interesting.  I learned how Kiev was practically destroyed by the Nazis.  There were many stories of horrific killings including one of a whole orphanage that was killed outside of town.  One room had various pictures and a machine that was used for beheading.....very sobering.  i could not bring myself to take pictures in that room and fought tears....
Ukraine is very proud of their fight against the Nazis.  It was made mentioned to us several times by various people that we all fought on the same side of WWII.  Unfortunately there was no freedom for Ukraine following the war....
After we left the museum we went back to our apartment and got ready for the "train ride"...Oh the stories I had heard of "the train ride"...yep it was all pretty much true and rough!
We got to the train station, our tickets were already bought.  We had an hour or so wait so we went into the McDonald's.  (I didn't know that was going to be where the girls would first taste McDs on our return trip!)  We ended up running to the right train and compartment.  We had a ton of luggage, the wheelchair (nothing is handicapped accessible there) and Sam to carry.  I was sweating by the time we got to the train! 
Jon once we got settled

This is what Steve really thought!


Me and my little buddy who was a MESS all night on the train!  the kid who sleeps like a rock was all discobulated on the train going...

Not quite the Orient Express!
I won't lie the train ride was not easy. It was hot (why is it all these cold places think the heat has to be 100 degrees in side)  it was loud, the bathroom.....well it was rough....
BUT we were just 14 hours from meeting our girls!!!!!!!  It was the home stretch!
So we rode all night long.....I woke up for good around 5 am, and watched the countryside.  I loved seeing so much of Ukraine.  I hated not being able to take a shower or even brush my teeth but that's just how it was.  We'd meet the girls in the clothes we'd worn all day the day before and all night....  by the time we got to them, it did not matter to me anymore!
Tomorrow will be one year since the day we met our girls.  I can hardly believe it...what a year it has been!  Out of this past year, we've spent 30 weeks of it away from home if you combine the Ukraine trip and all the time from the accident....More than half the year away from home....
My biggest question has been "why did God let us get Selah knowing what lay ahead?"  Everything fell into place so quickly to get her, it just seemed ordained for her to be our daughter also.  The adoption and time in Ukraine went so well.  Obviously it was different than being home but I truly loved every minute and really wasn't ready to leave when it was time to go.  Selah's adjustment could not have gone smoother for a child with as many developmental delays and institutional autism.  She was such an easy child, different than Sarah but easy in her own way.  We were so happy.  I can't adequately describe how thrilled we were with the girls and the whole adoption process.  It was like a dream SO MUCH EASIER than Shad's.  I had anticipated many issues that never ever came up with the girls.  I was actually in one of "those fb groups"  you know the kind, that someone adds you to...and it was a post adoption group....  I got so annoyed with the moms in there because I felt like all they did was complain.  I left the group ( and of course you know I had to tell them how I felt before I left LOL)  I couldn't even relate to them.  Not that I thought we were such great parents...I just was so happy and content with the girls I didn't even like the negativity I read in the group.   I felt like the others should remember how hard they worked to get their kids home from the various countries and quit whining! 
Anyhow it's hard for me to wrap my mind around the whole situation still.  Somehow I still believe that our princess's story is not over....this can't be the ending....she will have a miracle.  Everything was so like a beautiful dream.
Please pray that for her....


  1. Totally "get" the question about why God let you get Selah knowing what was ahead. I have often had similar thoughts about our sweet Maia. A friend reminded me that she may have had something as bad or worse happen if she had remained in Ukraine and would likely not have survived alone. Here, she has us to fight for her and love her beyond measure. I continue to pray for all of you!

  2. What she said!!

    I believe there are still great things ahead for your princess....God has NOT forgotten her! It's hard when we are on God's timing and not our own.

    All the pictures are so cool....I'm a "spy fan" so seeing the pic of the KGB is soooo cool!

    Glad Selah is doing better! What a blessing to have such a great doctor!

    (And hooray it looks like I can finally comment here again!!)