Friday, April 5, 2013

Great day for Selah ------and GroundHog Day begins....

Selah had a good day.  She slept great last night which meant we did too!  I only got up with her once to change her and even then she had a low normal heart rate.  Her PT came today and said her legs looked great:)  She worked with her for quite awhile and said that her ankles were not drawing up in the least bit (very important!)  YEAH!  Some kids have the surgery and then draw up as soon as they are out of the casts.  Usually the doctors wait a year or so before doing the surgery to ensure that that won't happen but Thank God it seems like it has been the right thing to do for Selah and it has worked.  She will get her brand new wheelchair on Monday:)  We are hoping it will be much more comfy for her than anything else we have tried. 

Her heart rate and BP have stayed good today, even during therapy.  I am so thankful for medicine!  I believe God gives doctors and scientists the wisdom to research and develop medicines to help others.  To see what a difference being on an antibiotic has made in her in the past few days is reason enough to be thankful!!!!!!

After PT we went crossbow shopping.  We didn't buy Steve anything for Christmas.  He has had a renewed interested in crossbows and archery and wanted to get one.  So this is his very late Christmas present but one I think he will really enjoy!  He is quite the marksman!  We also had to buy a new target as the crossbow would have blown up the one Shad uses for his bow and arrow  (oh and now Shad wants a new bow!)   I like for them to have anything that will keep them outside and off the tv/games! 
Jon looking at the crossbow  ( I liked the second archery shop the best they had a waiting room area!)

Steve is happy


All the animals there were killed by either a crossbow or a bow and arrow including the gator
I saw a baby gator in a pond near the hospital yesterday.  he better watch out LOL

it takes strength to pull that back (or in my case to hold it steady LOL)
Steve says he wants to go hunting...I can NOT believe I raised a child who wants to hunt!!!!!  What happened?  He used to be such an animal lover!
We also went to Whole Foods today...that was an experience.  I'd love for us to only eat organic, but it is expensive.  Luckily I can buy some of the brands they carry at Publix and it is cheaper there!  But it was fun and I loved that there was nothing with nitrates in it in the store.  All the meats were nitrides free.  I hate nitrates and really feel like they are very dangerous.  It is in almost all CURED meats BUT you can look and find things without it if you try. 
So that was our big day out on the town.
Thinking back to one year ago...we started what we called "Ground Hog Days".  If you ever have seen the movie where Bill Murray has to repeat ONE day of his life over and over....then you'll know what I mean LOL
We would get up and be ready to meet our driver by 9 or 9:15 am.  Be at the orphanage by 9:30 and see the girls till 11:30 or if we were lucky and the driver was busy...maybe till noon.  Then we'd go back to the apartment, eat, go walking around or to the Internet cafe....  Same thing every day but I loved it.
Actually we had to go to one of the government buildings that next day for something and then we were back to see the girls....

a person cleaning the square downtown

Jon and Lenin  (not John Lennon LOL)

Lenin and me

gangs of stray dogs everywhere  A man was attacked outside out apartment the second night we were there.  a gang of dogs were all over him.  we didn't know what to do, it's not like you can call 911!  A lady came out and hit the dogs with a broom and they left him and he hobbled inside.
yes we were obsessed with Lenin....It just amazed us to see him.  In Kiev there is a small bust of him, we saw it but in Torez....just 30 miles or so from Russia...Lenin is everywhere!  I have pictures of him that I will show...

The movie theater
So after the additional paperwork was done we were off to see the girls. 
Here we are with Selah's personal caregiver Natasha.  She was WONDERFUL and actually cared for Selah.  She had recently taught her to walk.  she was paid for by a ministry called Life 2 Orphans prior to Natasha working with Selah, we think she stayed in her tiny crib. 




Sarah was so weak and tired she'd just lay in my lap



I was so worried about her


I really like this picture of us

Selah had to go...

The girl holding Selah and the one in the striped shirts live there.  The little girl in the pink was a small child who lived there and the lady in the white was Sarah's caregiver


I hated giving the girls up daily.  It was hard.
then back to the apartment to have some sort of adventure.  Our living room was the windows behind Jon's shoulder and the bedroom was the next set down. 

Soviet housing

Can I say again how much I/we loved Ukraine?
I went quite annoyed and put out that they (the government) would require so much time from us...but I loved every minute of it!  I love that place in a way I can not describe.  Honestly I started wondering if perhaps my family had some roots in Ukraine when I see how much Sarah and Sam resemble each other and the uncanny way I fell in love with that country.  It is a prickly country LOL not one that is easy to love, or easy to live in but I loved it.  It's not like I've never been out of the country before I've traveled but never felt the draw of a country like I do Ukraine. 
So that was our second day...we were falling in love with two little girls like crazy...still a little worried about Selah's needs but you will see in the pictures how she began responding more and more.  Sarah was so weak, she'd hold herself up a bit and then just go limp.  It was not her relaxing on me, it was a sick little girl.  You can't really see but on the top of her head, she had bumps, they were covered with various colors of creams, but it bled almost daily.  her hands were covered and bloody at times.  She had scabies...but as you can see she was all over me and I never got it.   I'm so thankful we got to Sarah when we did, I do not think she would have lived much longer.   Selah was in a  much better situation (so to speak) but still needed us.  She had a really good happy caregiver and a 16 yr old teen girl in her room to play with her.  Sarah had no one.  They acted very superstitious towards Sarah since she only had one eye.  I made it a point to show them how much I loved her.  I wish they could see her now! 
Please keep Selah in prayer that the meds will work quickly and that she will regain the ground she loses when she is sick.


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  1. I love hearing your story! As much as I love your heart and Jon's heart I am so very touched by Steve. I have yet to see a picture where he isn't smiling or participating or an active part of the family. In a day and age where teenagers are so ready to ditch the family, are disrespectful and purposefully avoiding being around parents and siblings your Steve is just shining. You can tell that he was raised in a way that taught him what is important in life! Your adoption stories are incredibly touching, as an adopted child myself, I love hearing how God built your family. I pray that one day my family will expand the same way.

    I love your family and am praying daily for sweet Selah!

    Hugs from GA, Amy