Monday, April 1, 2013

Hospital and more of our story

Last night was the worst yet.  Selah couldn't keep her heart rate below 130 and her alarms went off all night long.  She had to be suctioned over & over.  I again had to give her an extra dose of her blood pressure medicine because she got crazy was awful.  This morning she had an appointment to have her casts taken off at the medical center within the hospital.  I decided to get the casts off and then just take her to the ER.  As I was in the shower the nurse started yelling.  I jumped out with conditioner in my hair and didn't even dry off as I grabbed my robe.  Selah had started throwing up which can be very dangerous for a person with a trach. I called 911 and she was transported to the hospital.  Thankfully Jon was dressed and ready to go to work so he could just go with her!  I looked a SIGHT I'm sure to the EMT guys with conditioner in my hair! 

They have ran all kinds of tests and we've gotten no answers but her heart rate is high still.  She has been admitted for further testing and observation.  I'm thinking that she has a bit of a tummy virus and that's what has had her all out of whack but it's been going on since last Tuesday! 

I'm very sad and wish she didn't have to go through all of this.  It is extremely hard for us to know something is wrong and not know how to help her.  Her sweet day nurse went with her and has been with her all day.  Thank God for her.  She can answer things as well as I can and she is a good fighter too:) 

PLEASE pray for her!

More reflections on our trip.....

Today a year ago was Sunday and we were determined to go to church.  Let me tell you it was quite the job to get there!  We had gotten in to Kiev around 4pm their time on Saturday and hadn't slept for a day and a half.  So to get us up and going and to find a taxi driver who could find the was something else!  We were as far away as we could have been in the city too of course!  We attended the International Christian Assembly, pastored by an Assembly of God pastor (our background)  He had a special speaker who taught on Creationism and it was one of the most interesting teachings I'd heard.  The speaker was very learned, with a PhD.  Our oldest son sat on the edge of his seat listening.  It was well worth the time and expense to go! 

Sam and Steve at church

Steve on our balcony with a tiny bit of snow falling

Then we took another taxi back (quite an experience) and stopped at a McDonald's!  We got back and our facilitator came over to meet us.  We were already friends on the Internet and he had walked us through the heart ache of losing the one little boy we'd hoped to adopt and he led us to we had a bond already.  It was wonderful to meet him face to face and connect with his sweet spirit.  George formerly worked in the Ministry of Propaganda under the former Soviet he helped families connect with their new children:)   We met many former communists and even a few former KGB was very interesting. 

That night Steve and I walked around in the COLD, trying to find something we'd like to eat.  he & I are extremely picky.  We got some pizza but it tasted sweet...yuck!  but it was neat to walk around in the old section of town.  I tend not to be afraid to go places, even at night..

We did laundry after figuring out the washer but NO dryers anywheres in Ukraine! 
We were so excited the next morning we were to be at the DAP at 10 am to have our interviews and get our referrals on the girls...Up until the point you have the interview and the referral is in your hand there is NO way to "hold" a child.  Some folks have very little info about their children and don't even know their status or where the child is located up till that point.  We had more info than most.  But we were still nervous.  I was actually afraid someone would have an earlier appointment and get the girls referrals for themselves.  Thankfully our facilitator checked on them on Friday so we knew all was well.  I just had a few more hours to wait.....

Well I can say that a year ago today I'd never would have dreamed where we'd be at now....  I worried more about Sarah since she was so obviously small and weak.  Selah was "the strong one"  Now it all seems reversed.

Please please pray for our little girl.  I'm relieved that she is in a good hospital and I believe they will get to the bottom of this.  I am beyond exhausted as we haven't really gotten more than 2 hours of sleep at a time since Thursday night.  I can not believe I am still on my feet.  Since I was home, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned her room completely washed everything....that's what I do when someone is sick.  I at least have a clean house and I am so looking forward to sleeping tonight!   BTW, Steve and Shad really helped out too!!!


  1. Sometimes there are no words to pray except, "Oh, God..." So glad He knows the rest of what I *want* to say as well as the rest of the story...

  2. Praying so hard for your jewel. Please take care of yourself too, mama. xoxo