Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still in the hospital.... Ukraine Cat Rescue!

Selah is still in the hospital, she has a great doctor and we are coming up with a plan for her to come home on IV if necessary.  Everyone agrees this is all tied in with the past 2 hospitalizations over the past 5 weeks. She needs a drug that can kill all of this.  The doctor said there is a small spot on her lung but more a "pre-- pneumonia" than actually pneumonia.  Selah actually has a pretty healthy immune system despite everything!  She seemed to really look at me when I came in today:)  I'm sure she is so ready to leave here but she is comfy and her heart rate is coming down to the low 100's. 
Well in other news, I booked my and Sam's plane tickets without having a panic attack LOL  I could not get a direct flight but it seems the 2nd flight will be a normal size jet thank God!  We have a quick layover in Charlotte NC going and a quick one in Atlanta coming home.  I'm familiar with both airports and that helps me.  As much as I hate to fly, I fly quite a bit.  We flew from Tampa to Charlotte to catch our connecting flight to Germany on the way to get the girls....  We are flying out next Sunday and coming home on Thursday hopefully.  Sam seems to be in some pain, he has been really grumpy and whining the last few days and that is not like him.  The eye looks no different, but he is acting odd.  Please pray that he will be ok until we see Dr A.
So a year ago today we didn't take pictures!  We did take some videos
I tried to post them, but they wouldn't.  I'm at the hospital, that might be why....
But you can see the kittens we rescued from a box at the bus stop in Torez.  We were walking by and heard them crying.  We brought them back to our apartment because we were afraid the wild dogs would kill them.  Believe it or not, I found homes for them ....


I'm an animal lover, always have been.  But it pains me when I see so much attention focused on rescuing animals.  I have friends who post all kinds of things to save animals or find homes and I'm not against that BUT I know little children who need rescuing.  Little ones created in God's image, that need families and homes and food....
So don't forget you have a chance to help save TWO children!
Don't forget our orphan project for this month and May....
My goal is to raise $1000 for this family by the end of May! You can give in two ways. First you can send a check to Grace Church 7060 Berry Road, Zephyrhills Fl 33540 attn: Orphan fund and I will send one check to Grace Haven Ministries or you can click here,
and give on Grace Haven's GIVE page. Just please write it is for Patricia and the family will be able to use it for both girls.
Also please write in there that you are my friend and giving in honor of Selah & Sarah! I just want to know if we meet our goal of $1000 for these girls!
Thank you for giving!
Please pray for Selah and for Sam!


  1. Will be praying for safety and healing in your travels this coming week. AND of course for sweet Selah...and the rest of your crew :)

  2. I'm one of those "lurkers" but have always sent your family love, light and peace through these life altering events. I remember in your last post you were looking something more vegetables for Selah.

    I also have a g-tube and since day 1 I've been using a product called Vega. It contains all of your body's nutrients that can be put through the tube. It's chalk full of vegetables and vitamins. I do have to say it's rather thick unless you use a lot of water, but it needs to be done as a bolus with a syringe. It depends on how much her little tummy can take at a time, etc. and how she reacts...

    This has always left nutritionists speechless because they don't know about holistic eating and eliminating sugars. It's the same with doctors and everyone else. They're pushing the calories but not the right ones. I wouldn't put her on this right away, and maybe have a talk with her doctors/ and nutrient peeps first to see what they think. Or you can be a little daring and try a tiny bit at home and see how it goes. The only "side effect" is sometimes increased gassiness because it's pain protein is beans.

    Anyway, I'll quit rambling and give you the website.

    I use the Vega 1 a smoothie, and I just get the plain flavoured because it's not life I'm going to taste it.

    Have she been allowed to "taste" foods like licking a lollipop or even vegetables and fruit? (that she can't choke on, hense the licking) it may open up a whole new world of eating and oral/taste stimulation that she's missing out with not eating like the average person. (I've worked with people who have all kinds of special needs for years until my genetic mutation caught up with me)

    As you can see I L.O.V.E. the product and have been using for 2.5 years with no problems. I hope this is something you consider for Selah and maybe even the other stuff Vega offers might be good for your other kiddos and family.

    I hope this benefits Selah and keeps her growing healthy . Sending all my love, light peace and juju (positive thoughts), and in the words of Dori from Nemo "Just keep swimming, swimming,swimming"


  3. I'm not trying to be patronizing, but I'm so proud of you! Booking your flights is a very big deal, and we know it was tough. Praying for you all!

  4. (Blogger still buggy on comments and it seems it is system-wide)

    Still praying for Selah--go mama bear go!

    I'm *so proud* of you for your upcoming flight. I will pray for a very gentle flight and easy connections. Of course I'm pryaing for Sam's eye (and Dr. A. too).

    Ukranian Kittehs!!!! so cute :) I understand what you mean about caring for children....I hope it helps you though that I do care about both--and I'm sure your readers do too!! I should have a little money to help donate in May.

    Lots of prayers