Friday, October 25, 2013

De- Clutter

 Beautiful day for outside play!


I really need to learn how to do little girl hair:) 
Lots of running around today....getting ready for Steve's birthday party tomorrow:)  I ordered him a real surprise cake:)
I also tried to winterize my closet, I know we live in Florida but I was taught no white after Labor Day even if it is 100 degrees LOL!  When I change out clothes and shoes, I give away everything I didn't wear over the past season.  I love to go through things and clean out and give away things.   I used to watch "Clean House" and have to go through a drawer or two afterwards LOL  I really thought about starting a business and becoming a closest organizer but I did some work for some friends and had them all crying LOL  Really....they were crying.....   I am not attached to much...especially not clothes!   Although I find it very hard to give away any of Selah's pre accident clothes.   So I found out that most folks aren't like me!  And I'd get too annoyed with someone holding onto things and the crying too that would annoy me!    BUT I love my friends who let me clean out their closets LOL!!!
To  me DEcluttering  is a way of life (and a new word according to my spell check)  I love to get rid of clutter.  My great aunts were hoarders....not the crazy nasty ones you see on the show but they kept everything....  So I am rebellious....I try to keep as little as possible.  With 7 people in our house, that is hard!  But I try.  I do have a big pantry and lots of things that I need for the little ones, like diapers that I store away till needed.  But I don't hoard a lot of stuff that wouldn't' be useful.  In fact we got a shipment of syringes that we didn't order and the company can't take back so I gave the boxes away to a thrift store that sends things to missions hospitals.  I hope someone will find a use for them! 
When I declutter, I feel lighter and happier....try it, it's good to not hold on to a lot of stuff and it's good to bless others with things they might be able to use.  If something is really junky, I usually throw it away but most things can be recycled. 
I also went through Sarah's clothes, last winter I bought her size 3T.....they are all in a bag to either go to the consignment shop or the thrift store based on how worn they look.  No size 3 girls around here!!!!  I love that she is getting chunky:)
When we got Sarah she was a bag of bones.  She weighted 19 pounds at 5.5 years old.  When I first changed her in the orphanage, I started crying as I put her new dress on.  There were a lot of symbolic emotions going on but I was crying looking at her tiny little body.  Her hipbones were so pronounced and her pelvic area was so sunk in, I've never seen anything like it.  Her rib cage was so clear you could literally count every rib.  I almost took pictures, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I didn't want to have a picture of my baby looking so bad.  When we were on the plane, we tried to keep her covered up, she looked so weak, with no hair and scabies from head to toe....we were afraid someone would call the law on us! 
But she doesn't look like that anymore!  And I love every pound that I have to haul around when I carry her!  Although we do tell her that she has to start walking soon:)   You have NO idea how I love those pounds and the slightly chubby legs and the round belly....:)   She even has a little fat on her back!   Now I want her to be healthy, and not overweight but she is WAY below the curve for a girl her age still but she is on the way UP the curve:)   And I LOVE it!
This week has been full of so much work for me.  Now with Selah starting back HBOT there is a lot of rearranging of schedules and trying to figure out how everything is going to get done.   It's going to be a crazy time as we get all the evaluations scheduled for the little ones schooling and Sarah has a some appointments coming up.  Hopefully school will start soon for the little ones...but it's going to be a fast month of November with so much going on. 
We are going on a short vacation with a dear family right before Thanksgiving.  Those 4 days are my goals as I hit all this stuff running.  If I can just get it done, then we will be relaxing in a nice cabin out in the woods,  with life long friends.....  I can't wait!!!!!!
Hope you all have a great start to your weekend. 

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