Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday Steve!

We had a great party yesterday for Steve.



Good food


fun times 

Shad was on "a roll"  LOL


thanks for cooking Rodney!!!!!!

Jon shared how much we loved Steve.  I was able to and several of his friends did also.
Shad Said he was "the best brother ever"


Happy 18th Birthday Steve
"Our bearded baby"


gift time...Steve was Happy Happy Happy!


It's so hard to believe in just a couple of hours (actually during church time) our son will turn 18 years old.....what a milestone.  We've loved every second of his childhood and now we have his adulthood to look forward to.  Steve has been a blessing since day 1:)  God couldn't have given us a sweeter child.  Everything about Steve has been precious and still is to us.   We've just had such a good time being his parents and we are so blessed that God surprised us with our miracle baby!    I have some other pictures to share as well as a blog for Steve coming later but I wanted to share his birthday pictures first.  I think a 18th birthday deserves at least 2 blogs:) 


  1. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY TO YOUR HANDSOME BEARDED ONE!!! (((HUGS))) from the 2nd biggest DD fan!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Steve....18...Wow....Just past child and barely a man....
    God has good in store for you....
    Love from NC