Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Full Day

Doing HBOT is so time consuming and takes your full concentration.  Selah has an appointment each morning at 10:30- 11:45 am then back again at 2-3:15pm.  When you count the travel time in, then that's your whole day basically.  This being Sunday made it even more hectic if possible.  Before we left, I realized that the church hadn't been cleaned!   Scrambled to do that and get the little ones baths so they'd look pretty:)  Jon does a service at the prison so he is already gone by 8 am.  Oh well, the church got cleaned and the little ones got baths:)  So we get one session done and I get back in time to hear the final song at church and say hi to everyone.  Then we ran out for a bite to eat, and then I ran back to pick up Selah and our nurse for round two.  I get them dropped off and go back to the restaurant to sit with everyone for awhile. 

Then before we left HBOT a family visiting from France who has a daughter with Peter's Anomaly came by to see us.  They followed me home so they could meet Sarah and Sam.  I feel in love with their precious sweet tiny daughter.  OH my!  What a doll she is!!!!   They are believers and the husband is a minister.  He sweetly prayed for my little ones and Selah too.  His sweet little girl came in and I was holding her and she asked me if my baby was sleeping and I told her yes she was but her daddy was praying that my baby would wake up....oh sweet!

This princess is amazing.  She has Peter's Plus like my two little ones, and yet she speaks and has great understanding.  She just stole my heart today!


One neat thing about the journey we have been on, is the wonderful folks we've met along the way.  People we probably wouldn't have met if we weren't on similar journeys! 
Well it's been a long day, the Chinese food order is called in and Jon's off to get it.  The Spanish church is meeting and I can here them singing.....
Good night all....please keep praying for Selah.  We are doing all we can, pray that God will use this HBOT to heal her brain and "wake up my baby"! 



  1. Do you have a Spanish-speaking church that you share your building with? Praying for you and your family, my sweet (cyber) friend! Praying that Selah will wake from her long sleep and keep growing and maturing by the grace God has given her.

    1. WE do:) We just joined together last month and they are growing and we are growing. They meet Sun, Tues and Thursday nights. We love it

      thanks for the prayers!