Friday, November 1, 2013

Back in HBOT!!!!!!

Selah is back in HBOT!
Started today, 2x a day for 20 days....
We are praying God will use this to heal her.
She seemed to be watching Nemo with great interest



She handled it great.  Some kids or even grownups can't do HBOT without having to have tubes put in their ears, but she is able to clear her ears by swallowing.    The staff check Selah's ears to make sure there is no redness or bruising.  Plus Selah can show if something hurts her.  I'm so thankful she can manage without the tubes.  If she had a problem, it would be hard for us to find a doctor who would prescribe tubes since most doctors don't agree with HBOT. 
So all three little ones has PT, OT and ST assessments between her sessions of HBOT.  The assessments were just to figure out what they'd have evaluations for.  Sam is not getting evaluated for PT which was fine with me as I don't think he needs much help in his gross motor skills.  I hope to get their evaluations done soon.  I thought today was for's so much to keep up with at times.  I'm happier with the school system, I've actually met some folks who are NEW (at least to us and their positions) who seem to care about my little ones.   Several of the folks that just GRATED on my nerves are gone.   One was so inefficient that the person was taken from one high position and put over the vision and homebound kids.  That person did not care at all about Sam or even the staff that worked for that person in my opinion.  But these ineffective people just bid their time and then go and retire and make lots of money off the state.....  Several that I felt were beyond burnt out are gone or transferred to bother someone else thank God LOL  I don't "suffer fools" especially when it comes to my little ones!
Had to show off Sarah's ( and Sam's) new horse!  they had both outgrown the first horsey we had bought for Sarah  and I mentioned to a friend, Mrs Black who worked at a child's consignment store to keep her eye out for a BIG horse.  I'd looked around some but hadn't seen one.  She found this beautiful one and gave it to Sarah.  As you can see, Sarah LOVES it.  She spent a lot of today on it!!!!    

She is very serious about riding:)

I LOVE this little girl!!!!

I bought her the first horse because of this picture of her when she was at the baby house...
this is before she went to the mental institution.  What a cute little baby girl she was!   So wish we could have gotten her back then!  When I saw this picture, before we got her, I went out and found her a horse and kept it in our living room.  The day we got home, I put her on it and she immediately smiled!  I thought I would cry!  I felt like she was taken care of better at the baby house and that the rocking horse was a good memory. 
she was about 2 or 3 in this picture. 
Yesterday was a busy day for me but Selah dressed up in her Red Riding Hood outfit and her Monk Nurse dressed as a Monk:)  We had a good time and had pizza for lunch.
Sometimes I wait too long to take pictures, she was getting annoyed she'd been outside for awhile


Selah and her Ukraine dolly
We were planning on taking the kids trick or treating (yes we "celebrate" Halloween  to some degree) but I had somethings to do with some friends and Jon had to work late.  But we had a good fun day.    I had a "treat" because I got to spend time with one of my "besties", her daughter who I love and our "grandma"  We all had a good time together!
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Please keep Selah in your prayers as we start this HBOT again and YES she is still on the fish oil study too:)  Just pray that it all works together to bring healing to her little brain. 


  1. Yvonne: Did Selah receive her dolly in Ukraine? I would love to purchase one for my daughter!

  2. I did get it for them in Kiev. We only saw souvenirs ONE time. I hardly bought anything as we still had stuff we were bringing to the orphanage so I thought once we left the stuff at the orphanage I'd find more places where I could buy things....didn't ever happen! Where we were at never had tourists so there was nothing to buy. I'm so glad I got ONE doll and ONe tshirt LOL