Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Happy Friday shopping.  I don't do it because I'm so spiritual I don't do it because I'd probably SLAP someone and wind up in jail!!!!!  Well seriously, I know my limits.....  but I do think it is ironic for folks to be out fighting over material goods the day AFTER we are supposed to be thankful for all we have.... 

 Today we cleaned out the church office.  All of the boys' things have been here since Selah came home from the hospital.  I've 'straightened it a few times but today was an all out clean out day!  Shad found some new clothes he has never worn and we got rid of toys that were broken or not used.  "Found " a box of sweat shirts for both boys.  Realized they both need new underwear and socks (I know what Santa is bringing them YAY!  LOL)   I LOVE to clean out things and the boys didn't mind so much because they like their stuff all straightened, they just don't  like to do it!   Tomorrow when our church folks come to decorate from Christmas they will have a FREE yard sale to look through:)    We got rid of all our VCR tapes but wrote down the ones we want to get in Blu-ray.  Some I had held onto for sentimental 'That Darn Cat' by Disney the old version.  One of my favorite movies. 

We are having a perfect Florida day.  Our winters are so nice, the windows are open and it's warm in the sun, but not too warm:)

When Jon was rescued from the air he saw he was near a big Phosphate plant, maybe 1 mile or so from it.  So today he went back and found out it was the plant WAY over on the other side of the woods (not the one he thought from the air)   So he was probably in the woods WAY more deeper than originally thought, maybe even 10 miles in !  If he can even get access through the plant, he then will have to cross a deep palmetto swamp to get to where the bike is.  So now he knows more where he was, he maybe able to map it out to go get the bike.  The officers tried to load it on the helicopter but were unable to do so.  Since it is getting dark soon, he won't be going to get it tonight:)  But he did get his bike out of the shop (had to have new gears-that's why he was using Steve's bike)  So he is off for a short ride on a WELL known trail LOL!  I THREATENED him:)

Sarah continues having normal poops:)   AND Selah keeps pooping on her own with no extra meds!  YEAH for GOOD poop around here!

Since Sarah has been taking these meds, the "sweet" smell she has always had even after a bath is completely gone.  I'd worried about the smell, it was everywhere from her forehead to her feet and I had mentioned it to every doctor we saw.  No one else seemed to be concerned about it but I was afraid it pointed to some metabolical problem.  Evidently NOT!  It must have something to do with the bugs she had.  Also her rash is gone.  She always had a particular rash that would come and go.  I thought she was sensitive to certain diaper brands and had tried every single brand out there but nothing seemed to keep it away!  Now it's completely gone! 

Selah has just been doing wonderfully as far as physically.  She has had great days and nights, been very peaceful.  We still have not seen any new changes to her:(  Except for the pooping on her own!  But even that seemed to start right before she did HBOT.  I think I'm as happy as I ever can be with her condition, when she is doing so good physically.  It's a blessing not to have her in and out of the hospital.  She has been very stable the last few months and I am so very grateful for that.  I love to see her relaxed, not tense, a nice normal heart rate, no arching....Thank God!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

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  1. Dear Yvonne!
    I just thought it would be nice to let you know that I'm still visiting your "Life" everyday. Blessings to you all. Here are some words for this Christmas. HE came Himself.