Monday, November 25, 2013

Cabin life

Starting this with pictures from yesterday after church....
yes we were all wearing black/white/gray

We had a nice drive up to our cabin. 
Isn't it beautiful?


the wrap around porch is the BEST!


Our room bed not too comfy




 Fanning  Springs








The springs run out to the Suwanee River where we kayaked all afternoon.  Already having trouble getting my arms muscles to do what I tell them to do LOL!




These are just photos from early this morning.  I'm at a McDonalds about 10 miles from our cabin as my friend runs to the store so I didn't have time to download more
Steve is kayaking with his friends on the Suwannee River tonight....UGH!  Scary for mom but they wear life vests and are having such a good time.
I never had had a chance to use the kayaks till today.  LOVE using it, so much easier than a canoe.  My arms are about to fall off but I loved it!  That is what I want for Christmas or Mother's Day, my own kayak!  Wasn't sure if I'd tackle the Suwanee River but I did and loved it.  Our friends also had a sailboat, we've had so much fun!
We're staying at a State campground, the cabins are wonderful.  Our close friends are here and we are running back and to each other's cabins, eating and lots of exercising and exploring all over the park and the woods!  This is the BEST kind of camping!!!!  
More pictures to come, things are great.  Checking on Selah she is doing fine. 


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    1. NO but we have alligators not as aggressive but they do attack sometimes, usually in the spring during mating season. When I was a kid, we swam and played in lakes where we could SEE the gators LOL. Now I probably would not let my kids do that! But in the kayak, it's safe.