Saturday, November 16, 2013

Consignment Shop shopping!

Today was such a rainy day that we canceled HBOT.  We don't have a covered garage and didn't want to take Selah out in the rain.  Since the therapy was canceled, I went to the consignment shop.  Like I said, I go through our stuff quite regularly and usually just give away whatever we don't use.  This time I am going through the shed where we keep all our things in order to make room for things we've had to keep in the church since the boys' lost their room to Selah.  So I am in a "get rid of anything that hasn't been used in the last month"   My goal is to have our sheds and the church/fellowship hall and our home in great condition by the first of January. I cleaned out the worst of it yesterday, now I just have to do some rearranging and everything will fit.....   (that means our kayaks won't be in the corner of the church nursery anymore....)   Since we came home in January, some things have just had to be let go because I didn't have the time needed to do all the rearranging of things.  I can't stand things disorganized whether it is a shed or a room!  Life is getting back into a routine and I'm able to get all the little things done now FINALLY!

 Since a friend of mine works at one of the shops, I decided to go there and see what they had!  WOW!  Have you ever been to a "Once Upon a Child"?  I went to the one in Brandon and couldn't believe how nice things were!  I bought ALL of Sam and Sarah's' Christmas presents. I don't think I've ever got so many nice LOUD NOISY Light up toys before.  I found great toys that I've never seen before.  Some will actually help them in learning letters.    The place was amazing, the prices were good.  I took in quite a bit of things and got a good store credit.  I got something for everyone BUT poor old Steve:)  Seems they didn't have a lot of things for an almost 6 FT bearded 18 year old LOL   I got a ton of clothes for the kids.  BTW I "sold"  the high chair....Sam sits in a chair now and Sarah sits on my lap so that freed up a nice corner in our kitchen.  I'm all about having more room in our tiny home!

I had a few things they didn't take (car seats) so I took them to another Consignment shop  Lil Sprouts  They were also nice, took my other things and I found some outfits there for the kids. 

Then I had to go home and do grocery shopping......

One thing I haven't done this fall is put in my garden, I want to, but it -the whole idea of it- just overwhelms me.  I just do not feel like I can take on any more responsibility right now.  I'm done, up to the top.....but I miss my fresh cheap veggies!

Well some ladies from our Spanish church came and cleaned the church!  YEAH!!!!  It is so nice and sweet smelling!  And I didn't have to do it!  I think that makes it smell even better ! 

Selah had a nice relaxing day, her heart rate is in the 50's LOL  she is so glad to be home  Our nurse got her up in her stander and did some range of motion with her.  After it stopped raining the nurse took her outside for about 2 hours.  I'm glad we had such rain this morning so she could have a break, I think she needed it.

Please keep my girl in your prayers, she is never out of my mind, no matter what I'm physically doing.  Driving home from Brandon I thought about calling a friend, but instead I called on my FRIEND who sticks closer than a brother or sister....sometimes you just need to be able to pour out your heart to Him.  The one thing I've learned going through the past year is that He will always listen and He's close to a broken heart.....

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