Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15 HBOT

The cleaning bug hit me full force today.....I cleaned out one of the church's sheds, the largest one that I hadn't been in for over a year....We have some things in there and I wanted to pull out all our Christmas stuff.  We haven't decorated for the last few years.  Last year our sweet friends put up a tree for us at our hotel.  the year before we did little for Christmas being so focused on the adoption.  I had promised the kids that the NEXT year was going to be a big one....well....that didn't' happen.  We haven't put up a tree since Sam was almost 3 and starting to walk.  We were afraid he'd hurt himself on it.  So this year we are going to get a BIG tree and put it in the church.  We are going to use all our ornaments and things but have it there so my little people aren't ever alone in a room with a big tree and lots of ornaments LOL

Anyhow you know how when you start cleaning and then you see something else that needs to be done???  That was how it was today.  Steve helped me all morning and then Shad took over after he got home from school.  He is all about decorating for Christmas, Steve is like an old man LOL, a GRUMPY one when it comes to doing anything like that!    I'm not big into doing stuff but I feel a little bad that we haven't done much the last few years and kids do like that.  So this year will be fun!

In between working I've started reading a big history book on WWII.  I am just fascinated by the WWII era.  When we were in Ukraine, we went to their big WWII museum and we also went to a huge battle field in the Donesk region.  It was so interesting to me.  I think about our girls and their grand parents/great grandparents and all they suffered through over the years.    And I think of how the world's history shaped our family.....pretty deep stuff!

Day 15 of HBOT and we are still doing it.,  Jon took Selah today while I worked.  A reader comforted me by reminding me we don't know what is going on with Selah's cells.....I'm praying she is right!!!!  Please keep praying for Selah!!!!!  Thank you!

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