Friday, November 22, 2013

Good School Meeting

Sarah and Selah's school meeting went good today.  I was really hoping the spirit of cooperation I was beginning to feel with this new group was true.  After speaking with the group, I don't believe the one evaluator was speaking for everyone.  So we had a good meeting and the children start their services the week after Thanksgiving.  There are still some evaluations to be done for Selah but at least the core part will start.   I think it will be good for the children but boy will that keep me busy!  I'm still annoyed by all that has happened but I'm glad that they will be getting services! 

After everything I went and got a pedicure today!  Yeah Me!  I could have fallen asleep in the chair!  I don't get manicures anymore since I have almost knawed MY hands off over the past few months!  It's awful, I go through cycles in biting my nails.  Sometimes I stop for years at a time....before the last few months I had stopped for several years and didn't even wear fake nails.  BUT one night since we've been home, I sat up with Selah back when she was so sick all the time and before I knew it, I had slaughtered my hands!  It's such a nasty habit. But at least I can't reach my toe nails LOL!

Sam is doing great, he is taking his afternoon nap and just seems back to himself.  So thankful we decided to put him on something to help him take the edge of anxiety.  Even his body feels more relaxed when I hold him. 

Sarah is doing fine, taking her meds like a pro, still pooping like crazy....hopefully these meds will kill the bugs!

Selah had her last session of HBOT this morning.  We have not seen any new changes but are still hopeful.  Even if nothing new changes, I'm glad we tried it.  I would recommend the HBOT office here to anyone.  They are very professional. 

Well the Thanksgiving break has started for us:)  My hubby is off from now until the Sunday after Thanksgiving (except for doing the prison and church service this Sunday morning.   We will be going to a cabin in North Florida some next week.  We will leave Selah with our nurses but be back in time for Thanksgiving.  I'm so thankful we have nursing staff that I trust with my daughter.  Our funny day nurse is even feeding the animals!  We are blessed:)  Well actually the animals are blessed cause I had forgotten about them and he offered to do it!  And no I'm not worried about anyone breaking in while we are gone, our nurses are here, we have a security system and neighbors who watch over our place:)  And by neighbors who watch over our place, I mean neighbors who believe FULLY in the Second Amendment  LOL  Looking forward to spending time with our family and some good friends.   There is no internet, no tv, nothing....but there is a McDonald's about 10 miles away with internet access in case it is needed:)   I plan on taking long walks, lots of pictures and just relaxing.....there is a seafood restaurant in that area that I've wanted to eat at for years.  Looking forward to some good Southern seafood.  

I love the woods.  I can stay out all day as long as I know I can take a shower at the end of the day and have a clean bed to sleep in.  I am NOT interested in tent camping....NOPE not me!  But this cabin in a state park sounds good to me.  The area is known for Manatees so we are hopeful that we will see some.  My aunts used to tell me about going there when they were children and young adults and I have never stopped at the park even tho I've passed it many times.  There are several state parks in the area that we may check out and we are near the Suwannee River.  Really looking forward to going and I'm glad that one of my BFFs pushed me to rent a cabin like they are doing.  We are all going to have good times for sure!  The cabins are nice, they sleep six so we'll have plenty of room, 2 bedrooms.  There are only 5 cabins there and no tent camping so at night the woods will be dark and we hope to see some critters!  I can't help but smile as I think about next week, it will be EPIC!

We keep a family pass to the Florida State Parks and try to go to as many as we can.  Not too far from us is Hillsborough State Park one of the nicest ones.  It is one of my favorite places on earth and so beautiful.  We go there a lot over the year.  When I'm walking the trail, especially when it's empty of people, I feel myself relaxing. 

Hope everyone has a great start to their weekend!

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  1. We did cabin camping near the Suwanee once and it was wonderful! Enjoy your trip!