Saturday, November 9, 2013


Got up with great resolve to go walking while Selah was in HBOT RATHER than eating Dunking Donuts.... Well I walked THREE miles,  problem was I had Steve with me....ended up going to get an iceie  (frozen coke for you non Southern folks)  and a hamburger and onion rings.....see having KIDS will make you FAT!  LOL  I did have a small size of everything AND I did walk 3 miles. 

Then we brought her back home and my boys went to do yard work (without being asked to do so- something is UP with that!)   I'm sitting with Sarah and Jon was feeding Sam a hamburger when Shad runs in screaming "there's a cottonmouth!"   We ran outside left the little ones, sure enough there was a snake trying to climb up our big palm tree.  Steve said he was looking at two huge frogs who were on the palm tree and something fell down right beside him.  It was the snake, evidently it was looking at the frogs too!  ( BTW, when we came back inside after all the excitement, we found Sam had fed himself the hamburger we were laughing so hard!  We've been working on him feeding himself!)) 

We absolutely HATE to kill something if it's not poisonous.   So we are messing around with the snake, Steve is trying to look it up on his phone to figure out what kind it was....and the snake got away.  It was hitting at our shovel but most snakes strike when scared.  We think it was harmless or maybe a cotton mouth....I do think they like palm trees LOL!

This happened yesterday too.  Steve and Shad were taking the little ones out to the swing set and they came running back in and said there was a snake out there.  It look just like a rattler but with no rattles.  I think it was a bull snake and I let it go across the road. 

I know I'll get comments on how awful snakes are, but they are not, they keep down the rodents and non poisonous  snakes kill poisonous snakes.  We have a HUGE black snake which is aggressive but not poisonous that lives over by the graveyard.  We leave it alone because we know it won't hurt anyone and will kill bad snakes.  I like snakes, actually I like pretty much all animals with the exceptions of some insects like wasps, mosquitoes, and flies.   I LOVE GATORS!  See me wrestling this poor little gator at Gatorland back in 2011.  Actually I was afraid I'd hurt him he was so little LOL 

I've always loved animals, had a ton of them growing up.  We raised chickens and pigs mostly but some cattle a few times and ducks, and rabbits too.  Since I grew up I mostly just had cats and in recent years dogs too.  But we are way down on the cats since whatever got them, gave one dog away and one is very old.....  I think my animal days are getting over.  I still love animals BUT something clicked in me over the years as I see animals taken better care of than children.....
I've always fed and took our animals to the vet, a low cost one (mostly to make sure to get them "fixed" so we wouldn't have more animals)  but I never dressed them or spent lavish amounts of money on them.  I just couldn't even years ago.  Now to see stores devoted to animal care turns my stomach to be honest.  Even the commercials to stop pet abuse....I don't ever want to see an animal hurt, abused or starved BUT I'm alot more concerned about humans made in God's image than I am about animals! 
Not to be condemning but I really really wonder what God thinks of us spending millions of dollars on our animals and not giving much towards missions or towards human needs?  I'll be the first to be kind to animal, or stop and help a turtle off the road but .....
After we came home from Ukraine is when all our cats started disappearing.  I hate that anything happened to them, but I couldn't really "grieve" them after having just been exposed to so much human suffering.  I've had a cat (Bubba) who weighed more than my new 5.5 year old daughter.....  puts things into perspective doesn't it?  
I wonder what would happen if we Christians saved and gave to save an orphan.  I wonder what this world would look like if we- the ones who profess to know Christ- Put our money where our mouth was....and instead of trying to "believe God" for a bigger house, or new jewelry, we would remember our treasure is in heaven where there are mansions and streets of gold.... 
I don't believe in a "pauper mentality" that all Christians should take a vow of poverty.....but we don't have to worry about that teaching going through the Christian world today LOL sadly.....  I think some churches need to take a "vow of poverty".  I really have to wonder WHY we need  churches that costs millions .....  I'm not against having a nice clean church, not all BUT I also don't believe that a church should be a status symbol either!   And they do become status symbols.  I'm not against big churches at all.    A big building can be built and made into a nice place without spending so much money that could be used elsewhere. 
Guess I'm thinking today that one day we will all have to answer to how we spent our time, our talents and our treasures.....  


Selah had a better night.  She went to sleep at 5pm and slept till 3am then her heart rate went up quite a bit.  Her nurse gave her some valium and she was able to go back to sleep.  They looked at her ears this morning and the redness in one ear is less.  We had put some over the counter remedies in there and I guess it helped!

Please keep her in prayer.  We are on day 9..... still not seeing anything new.  Jon took her this afternoon to HBOT.    He just got back and did say she was moving around a bit more than usual in the chamber.  thank you for your prayers!


  1. So agree- am 100% for kindness to animals but the amount of money we lavish on pets in this country while human infants, toddlers, children,teens,adults, and elderly suffer for want of basics, tbh it sickens me. Neither am I a fan of mansion churches. Thank you for calling this out! Love how real you always keep it. Prayers for your baby girl.

  2. As a society we should be judged on how we treat all defenseless and innocent lives. Animals are not worth less than people and bring joy

    1. I'm an animal lover. I don't even kill snakes in my yard unless they are poisonous and will stop for a don't get me wrong I like animals and appreciate what they bring to our lives..... HOWEVER they do not have the worth of a human's life. And when I look at what we as a society spends on buying for animals and spends on buying makes me angry! I've seen starving children....children made in the image and likeness of God....that is where our money needs to be going! Or to some type of helping out other humans...

    2. Yvonne,
      I appreciate what you have experienced with orphans in horrific conditions that are truly beyond our comprehension but I believe God values us all equally and we are commanded to care for the defenseless and for me that includes our animals. It is sad to say my pets ahave access to better care than these desperate children and I commend your care of the orphans but I choose to care for the abandoned animals in our community.