Sunday, November 17, 2013

Longer than...

Today was just a good day.  Nothing earth shaking but good.  Our regular main night nurse works Sunday during the day and I really enjoy her.  We went to HBOT then I got back in time to hear the end of my husband's sermon and "meet & greet".  One of our "snowbird" couples just returned for the winter season and everyone is talking about our church's plans for the holidays:)  We are also starting an adult Sunday School class in January.  We were a very traditional church when we first came here with a Sunday School teacher reading from a book.  Then for awhile as we were in our rebuilding stage (both physically and spiritually) we canceled Sunday School.  We've not been in a hurry to "make something happen" but God brought in the right folks at the right time.  It is so exciting to see what all has happened here in the last six months! 

After service and lots of chatting, a bunch of us went to a fast food restaurant.  since it was time for Selah's appointment, we had to take 2 vans to take everyone at the same time including the nurse.  This was the first time our whole family left the house together since the day we left for New York back in August 2012, bittersweet.....

Selah did HBOT while we ate then we picked them up and came home.  My husband's brother was able to be with us today.  He has a very demanding law enforcement job and the past few weeks have been crazy for him.  It was so good for all of us to be together again.  Nothing like family and friends! 

We just all hung out together today, the kids played was all good! 

Selah was very relaxed today, I love it when she is so peaceful!

So this was a quick pic I snapped after church.  all the kids except the big one are wearing their consignment clothes.   Sam was quite annoyed became he was ready to go eat!!!!  But doesn't he look cute:)  Selah was resting in between HBOT and I wasn't dressed for Sunday pictures LOL  Seeing just Steve with his little bros and sister reminds me how much older he is than they are LOL

Looking at the calendar I realized that I have now been married LONGER than I was single.  I was 24 and one month when I got married and now have been married 24 years and one month !  That is a bit freaky to me:)  Today we were talking about how FAST life goes by....
So many friends of mine are becoming grandparents and losing their own parents....almost daily I'm reminded of that on FB.  Life goes on.....  It seems so hard to think that one day this portion of my life will be over.  Actually it's hard for me to think one day my life will be over, done and gone....  Makes me think about what I am doing now for God and for my family.  There is nothing else that really matters in life.  I want to serve God with the rest of my life and I want to love my family deeply.  I love my little ragtag group:) 
I read a survey of nurses who worked Hospice and one of the MAIN things people regretted at their death was not spending time with their family.  I certainly don't want to have that regret. 
Please keep praying for Selah, we still see no real change but we are still going strong:)  We will give it everything we have and then leave the results up to God. 

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