Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Last night after a long day, we were putting the little ones to bed.  I called Sarah over to me "Sarah come to Mama".  Usually she hops over but this time she just laid there.  I went over to pick her up and she looked right at me and said "MAMA"!!!!!  She sounded like one of those baby dolls that say Mama.  Jon and I just started laughing!!!! 

What an amazing privilege to hear her first word and that it was directed at me:)  I probably would have bawled if I hadn't been in such shock!

Sarah was totally non verbal when we got her.  She didn't make any noise.  Over time she began squealing and laughing.  Just in the past month or so she has been making the "M" sound.  There had been a few times she made a sound close to Ma but never Mama and never so clear. 

So today in the car she made a sound like "Steve"  we all were laughing and clapping then she clapped.  She hasn't said Mama again. 

I don't know this means she will start talking or have a few words.  It really doesn't matter to us.  If she does start doing some talking it would just be the icing on the cake!  She is almost 7 years old and typically children do not learn to talk this late.  She was totally non verbal in Ukraine, we never saw her make a sound there at all.  Sam only has a few words, one of them being NO that he says quite frequently and loudly:) 

But I was honored to be called Mama by my sweet daughter who caught my heart from the moment I first saw her picture.  There is so much behind that simple word........it took a miracle to bring us together, so I could be her Mama.  So thankful for the chance to care for her!


Please keep praying for Selah- Day 12 of HBOT


  1. Congratulations, Mama! This is so awesome. I was wondering if you could share whether you use sign language with the kids at all. I did this with my daughter when she came home from the orphanage and after about 4 months, she started doing the signs. You might consider getting a baby sign book if you don't already do it.

  2. so precious!! wishing you God's blessing & strength as you mother this little ones!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! How wonderful! It made me cry to read it. Just perfect. :-)