Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Day

This time change is GREAT! The clock wasn't changed in my room so I jumped up frantic at 8:50 (really 7:50 am) this morning because the PT would be here in 10 minutes and the kids weren't up! Well since she doesn't come till 9am we were GOOD! Got the kids up, changed, breakfasted, put chili in the crock pot for tonight, got myself all ready....all before 9 am:) I think I'll leave the clocks alone LOL

Then we had a little scare with Selah.  Our nurse took her to HBOT but was back in just a few minutes, her "mickey" gtube had come out!  Ever so often the balloon inside breaks.  Either it reacts to the fish oil or we just got a batch of bad ones.  So then he left again with her.  She still got all her therapy time in.  Our weekday nurse is able to take her for me in the mornings which really helps out.  Friday-Sunday we have go with the nurse to help transport her.  I really appreciate our day nurse for taking her by himself, it really frees me up!  I go in the afternoons.

We haven't seen anything new with Selah but we are still waiting.

I should share that last weekend, before she started HBOT on Friday she went poop with no medicine!  And has been pooping ever since on her own!  We are all very happy about that!  I don't think it had anything to do with HBOT since she started the early morning before she went in for her first treatment but boy are we proud of her!   There had been a little talk about wondering if her gut was somewhat shutting down some....  Glad that doesn't seem to be the case!

Please keep her in prayer!!!!

Today after school Shad and I went to Walmart.  It was "big" purchase trip meaning all the big things, the waters, the dog food, cat food, big bags (40 pound) of salt for our water treatment (if you have well water you understand) paper towels, toilet paper. and baby wipes (we buy the big boxes LOL) and paper plates and bowls.  We had 2 buggies when we got to the cashier, I got there first and helped move Shad's buggy behind me.    A lady was coming up as I was doing this.  This lady asked me in an odd way if he was with me or waiting for his mother.  You know I understand he is Asian but that really ticked me off.  I told her quite sharply that I WAS his mother.  Shad starts snickering...    THEN she asked if she could go ahead, granted we did have 2 buggies but they were big things and a quick scan, she on the other hand had a buggy filled with all kinds of things.  I told her NO.    I'm sure someone will think I'm just a witch but I felt slightly insulted and I was quite tired because I wore heels with my jeans and just did not feel like being nice!!!!  She grumbled and walked off.   Everyone around me started laughing....at least that made me feel better and not like I was acting too much like a witch.  The guy ahead of me turned and just shook his head at her and then said "the nerve of some people"  That made me feel like better although right then I just didn't care too much. 

WOW have I been really honest in my last couple of posts....and yet no mean responses LOL! When I am open about something we are currently dealing with like Sam's self hurting/anxiety or my issue with Steve's game systems, I feel really really vulnerable.  It's not so bad when I share something that happened years ago....but something that is not resolved is harder for me to share about.  Thanks for being nice :) 

I'm still in amazement DAILY as I see all the hits this blog gets.....I just don't understand WHY people read it.  I'm really grateful just amazed that anyone ever comes back:)   LOL   I know I don't get 2000 NEW people every day so I have to assume that many people come back daily and read it.   I average between 2,000 and 3,000 hits a day....  It blows me away!    Actually it scares me some too!  When I read over my blog posts, I wonder what people think about what I share.  My fear is I am such a train wreck that people just can't help coming back to see what new stupid thing I wrote LOL!!!!     I  do LOVE getting emails and messages from you guys.   Please feel free to email me.  I respond to each email. 

I've talked here about The Shepherd Crook Ministry .  They had a listing for Shad back when we adopted him.  they list, fund raise and advocate for special needs kids who are harder to find families for.  It's led by Scott and Kathy Rosenow who just inspire me daily!

Here is a picture of them with their family that are still at home.  Scott's the tall guy and Kathy is right beside him in orange.  Most of their younger kids are adopted, several with special needs.  They have older children who are married and carrying on their family's tradition by adopting.  It is a beautiful thing!

Well they made an announcement today....you can read it here....  http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=f14884e6c88d4b68239654ec5&id=fba2e06953&e=9c7b6bfa20     they are adopting AGAIN....Below is the picture of the lucky little girl who will be joining their family!

"who me?"

she has many medical needs and will need a lot of care
If you could give towards this adoption, it would be a great thing.  You can look at their link and it will tell you how to be able to give to be a part of this.
I know I bring up many situations where you can be a part of things by giving.   I LOVE to give towards adoption, just to be a part of a child finding a family is a great feeling!  And I really do think you will have a reward in heaven for giving towards adoption of special needs kids or any kid....  I guess having walked into orphanages and seen all I have seen,  I KNOW God does not want those children to live and die like that... Just heard today of a baby passing away, with no medical care....so sad.   So go to their link and think/pray about giving to this wonderful family!!!  They cared about Shad many years ago and fought to see that he had a family.....  I appreciate that very much!



  1. I have you in my blog feed so I read every time you post. I read to see how your kids are doing and I really appreciate your honesty. I think you are a very "real" person and that's a nice change.I agree with you about A LOT of things lol! I think I am way more of a witch than you so that kind of stuff doesn't put me off at all! Keep writing!

  2. Hi Yvonne, I read because I want to be a witness to Selah's healing. I rejoice with every new accomplishment that she makes. I am continuing to pray!

  3. I can't believe someone with a full buggy would ask to cut in a Wal-mart line! I wouldn't ask even if I had only one thing. I don't think it was rude of you to tell her no! :)

  4. Why do we read? I read because I look for a different perspective, from a different place I have never been, have an adopted child with a disorder affecting the brain, learned from you and others on similar journeys so we were more prepared when we faced medical crisis. Thanks for you thoughts.

  5. I originally started reading because of the accident but just kept reading. I think you are very honest and that is wonderful. I don't always agree with everything but that's life and I like to hear differing views. I also find interest in the how all the kids are doing. I would love to be a mother of "my own kiddo" (better words escape me at the moment) but I seem to be infertile. I would love to adopt or foster but its just not in the cards for now. I do have 4 step kids ages 13,11,10,9 and I love being a mom that way but I just love babies and so I want that experience. I didn't meet the step kids until the youngest was 5. I also like to hear what you say about other people toward your kids because I am one that sometimes gets taken as though I am being rude or inconsiderate but its not at all what I mean. I think all kids are just so wonderfully interesting, I sometimes "people watch" them. I don't care if they are different or special needs or whatever you call it I just love watching and learning about kids so sometimes I look too long and people take my intentions wrong. I understand completely though. And lastly I love to hear about your church. I didn't go to church for a long time (went all the time until I was about 15) and now I am starting to go again. I am taking 2 kids pretty much every time I go and its so fun to watch them learn as they had never known or experienced it like that before. Anyway so I read your blog for a variety of reasons and it is much appreciated that not everything is coated in sugar!