Saturday, November 2, 2013

Orphan Sunday

About two years ago I saw a blog that a college friend of mine reposted on FB, in that blog I was lead to a site that had pictures of children who needed adoption...I saw this picture

Sarah in the orphanage

this picture burned into my heart.  I looked at this child's hands, see they are fisted and she is not holding the toy.  But yet there is a sweet smile on her face.  I read that she was in a mental institution and was in urgent need of adoption.  I was amazed at how much this child (didn't know whether she was a boy or girl at this point)  looked like Sam.  I turned off my computer.....I logged off and went to bed, just sick....then I couldn't sleep.  I thought "Oh my God what if that were Sam????  Alone, in an adult mental institution, blind, hungry.... I laid on my bed and prayed for this child and then tried my best to forget this child.   I wouldn't go back to the site.  I told myself that we had NO money, we had already "done our part for the orphan crises by adopting Shad and we had fulfilled James 1:27"  I told myself that we had a small home and a child that would need care for the rest of our lives....  Plus since this child was very white (LOL)  I figured the child was from Russia or Eastern Europe and I had SWORE I would NEVER EVER adopt from there (it is WAAAAAAAAAY toooooo crazy to adopt from any of those countries.  Oh I had heard the horror stories.....

But then it was going to be Orphan Sunday November 2011....I had this great thought that would totally clear my conscience ...we'd take up an offering for the child!!!!!!!!   There we go!

So I got up in church and shared how we could as a church help this child.....

 Then by that afternoon I was back on the computer trying to find that child again......   Then I had a great thought, we'd just raise the money for a family to adopt her and two other blind kids I found in my search for her.  Our church had just been fully remodeled, we had no debt and I thought it would be a "good thing"  to fund raise for these kids....especially that one that looked like Sam.

That only lasted a few days, I was able to track down info on the child and found out it was a girl.  By that Thursday, she was my girl.  Just 100% mine.....heck no I wasn't going to raise money for anyone else to go and get her!!!!  I was going to go get her!!!!!!   Thankfully my crazy husband was thinking the same thing:)   She was OUR girl!!!!!!!!!!

And so she sweet little girl.....   I started the paper trail, stayed up several nights to get things done as quickly as possible and just 4 months later we were on our way to bring her and our "surprise" girl home.....

WELL. it's Orphan Sunday once again....and there are two children heavy on my heart. 

First there is Angela, the girl we sponsor through Life2Orphans  

yes that is me holding her on her bed  (the girl next to her is the girl Lucien that you all helped raise money to get her home!)  Angela is 12 years old and has CP, she is about the size of a normal 8 yr old.  She has the same spirit as Sarah and Lucien, sweet happy, loving.... she is from Ukraine. 
The second is Timothy
He is also 12 years old and is from China.  He is blind and has some CP, with no mental delays.   I know someone who knows him personally and he is just a wonderful sweet boy. 
Will you really pray for these two children????  Pray that a family will step forward for each of them.  Ask God if you can be that family!   Consider giving to both or either of them!  You can help them get a family!!!!
I've felt that I should concentrate on raising money for these two kids specifically for now.  So every penny that comes in will go in a dedicated fund for them until they are listed with a ministry.  
 Grace Haven Ministries is going to be setting up a page for Angela.  The Shepherd's Crook is working on Timothy's situation also.  I speak with some people who actually know Timothy and we know he has a file and is ok'ed for international adoption.  No agency has taken his file that I know of at this time.  However he can be requested by a family and I have info about him.  So let's get these two older kids into a family!!!!!!!! 
I know our family's story touches many of your hearts and I appreciate all that has been given towards Orphans this year ( I think close to $2000 that has come through our church and I know some of you have given on line to various families/children in honor of our kids and I so appreciate that!    Can you give again???
Just $5 from each of my daily readers could be $15,000....or do a yard sale or car wash in their honor....  After January, our family will do some type of fund raisers for these two.   Every penny that comes in will go towards a grant for these two separately. There are no "overhead" costs.   If you'd like to designate your giving towards one child then it will be designated.  If not it will all be divided between the two children. 
Once their grants have been set up, whatever has come in for them will go to the different ministries (both of them I know and appreciate and TRUST) to be held in a fund until a family steps forward. 
I think also there will be an on line link that you can give through when everything has been set up. But right now you can give via a check to :
7060 Berry Road
Zephyrhills Fl 33540
(you will get a tax credit for this gift!) 
Timothy is the most urgent, time wise as I believe he will "age out" and not be eligible for adoption after Jan 2015!!!!!!!!!  
Angela is the most serious case as far as needing medical care.....
They both have urgent needs please help them out!
If   WHEN a family steps forward for these kids, I will promise you that I will help  all I possibly can in your adoption by raising money and praying for the adoption! 

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