Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We have lots of poop in our house, with three in diapers, that is a topic of conversation...often!   Well I've been doing poop samples on Sarah, who has really bad smelling poop.  She always had and now this new doctor is really running a bunch of tests on it.  She poops a 4-5 times a day.  Well I have decided it is one thing to change a diaper, it is quite another thing to get in there with a tongue depressed and scoop up poop out of a diaper.  Yesterday I gagged so badly that I almost threw up!   I told Sarah that I was glad she called me Mama if I had to be doing all of this!   But it is ok, hoping they will find out what is going on with her.  The doctor is not really worried since she ha doubled in weight since we adopted her. 

So I had ALL SEVEN samples and was off to turn it in to the lab....and the lab was closed.  After all of that I had to turn around and take the poop home with me and put it back in the fridge (except for one sample that has to be FROZEN)  

As you can imagine we have many poop jokes going on at my house!

You know how some folks are hoarders?  Well I'm the opposite of a hoarder.  So even tho I had gone through our closets and things last summer for the Monier family yard sale, I went through it again today since I've pulled out all the winter clothes.  Sarah was wearing a size 2T last winter, now she wears a size 6 so there's stuff going to the consignment store. There are a few things she never wore, I had bought them for winter but we were gone so long, by the time we got home, she had grown too much.  Same with Selah, she outgrew things.  I've got two big full baskets to take to a friend's consignment store.  I'm looking forward to going.  I've tried doing the consignment store thingy before and always would forget to go back and get the money....I know that sounds stupid and we aren't talking about a ton of money but......    it was too complicated.   This store is like a franchise "Once Upon a Child" and is supposed to be really easy to use and work with.  I think it will be fun:)

Today was a very productive day:)  I love when I feel like I'm getting things done and organized.  With the kids and all the medical/school issues we have then just regular life things, like cleaning the house/yard and then add all the church respondsibiites, I get slightly overwhelmed at times.   And the "new" Yvonne just gives up when she is overwhelmed.  I still have about 40 irons in the fire but at least I got some things accomplished today. 

We are loving this cold weather!  Yesterday I bought a sweater dress since it wouldn't hit 70 today or tomorrow LOL!  I almost bought boots too, cause you never know if we might get snow!  LOL  Of course by Sunday we are supposed to be back to the 80's!    I have this love affair with winter clothes.  Sweater dresses are like Nirvana for me.  And I have a red wool Ann Taylor coat that I can wear probably 3x a year if I'm lucky that I love!  That coat I got at a thrift store years ago in Rochester NY and I adore it, as does everyone who sees it!  I can't tell you how many compliments I've got on it.  I guess since we don't have a lot of cold weather, we really like it when we have it! 

I've been in a "clothes mood" lately.  I guess changing our closets over to winter things (definition of "winter things" for Florida folks means LONG sleeved shirts, jeans instead of shorts, a few sweaters and hoodies.....but I'm particular about colors too- like the colors have to be fall/winter colors)  I've bought myself a few things and the kids some stuff too.  I buy a lot of things at thrift stores, if I can find really nice stuff.  If not, then it is SALES!  I bought Sam some long dress pants, I wasn't sure about the size, but went ahead and bought a size 5....oh my gosh, thank goodness the waist could be tightened, they are almost too big for him.  I have the inside belt clichéd at the tightest point and they are still loose on him and too long.  He is so little and cute!  Almost 10 years old and a size 5 is too big!  Next I need to go through the boys' stuff.  I let them put all their things away and I notice they begin wearing the same 2 or 3 I know it's time to go through stuff and help them reorganize.  Steve is finally beginning to notice clothes LOL!  He even said he wanted to go shopping for clothes I could NOT believe that came out of his mouth!!!!!  One thing I've noticed is there is NO decent clothes for boys from about size 2T to adult in thrift stores, I think boys are too rough on their clothes!  And I refuse to buy worn looking things.  If you have the time, which I really don't and can go to several thrift stores, you can find nice things.  It's fun, you never know what you may find, like a red wool Ann Taylor coat!

Sarah has not said Mama again but likes to laugh as I say it over and over again.  I'm sure she will say it again for em but I'm thankful I got to hear it once! 

 Well today is day 13 of HBOT, we've seen no changes.  That makes me sad but what can I do?  We've done all we can, we are faithful to take her and we just have to leave the results in God's hands.  I've been really sad the last couple of days, going through clothes and shoes that Selah wore briefly made me sad.  I can't help but pray as I look through things for God to bring her back.  The girls were such different sizes when we first got home that they didn't wear the same things.  Today I put one little jean skirt in the pile to go to the consignment shop and almost cried.  I have a picture of Selah wearing it on our first family outing once we were home.  It was hard for me to part with it, even tho if she were healed, she'd never be able to fit back into it......   So even in the middle of life, my thoughts are never far away from Selah and my heart is always crying out for her to be healed.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers. 

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