Saturday, November 2, 2013

Remembering Ukraine and a little boy from there who needs our help!

Hey I'd like to start this blog by sharing about Gavin and his family.  Gavin WAS an orphan but he is home with his family now.  The family adopted him KNOWING he needed life saving surgery.  He needs a new kidney and has a live donor but there are expenses the family needs help with.  Here is their fund raising page  You can give directly on their page!  They have a family blog also  and you can read their whole story there.  If you could help this family it would be great!!!!!  This cutie pie would have died for sure if this family hadn't stepped forward to save his life and give him a family who will love his during his medical challenges. 

Today was a busy day.  Jon took Selah this morning to HBOT and I took her this afternoon.  While she was in HBOT Steve and I went to the library!!!  Woohoo!!!   I LOVE libraries but don't have a chance to go as often as I'd like, which would be weekly!  I got some books form one of my fav new authors, Rhys Bowen,  that I've not read before.  I can't wait to read them!!!

 Selah was so tired yesterday that she slept straight from 5pm to 5am this morning.  She slept through diaper changes and everything!  Today she seems very stressed.  It might take her a few days to relax and get back used to being out so much. 

Some friends of mine are in Ukraine right now adopting....I look at the pictures, read the blogs and all the memories come back to me.  I've never had an experience like Ukraine and the adoption of the girls.  It felt like pure magic, except for the food and the train.....  and my constant upset tummy aka bathroom runs.....    But other than that, it was like a magical trip.  I don't mean that everything I saw was beautiful, but I fell in love with Ukraine and the people there in a way I've never felt before.   Having my kids with me, exploring the whole country, living right with the people....I'll probably never have an experience like that again but it's in my heart.  It makes me sad that we will probably never adopt again.  I've never really grieved about not having anymore biological kids, that is all finished as far as I am concerned (I certainly hope so)  But I do grieve deeply that we won't adopt again unless Selah had a complete miracle healing.  In fact, we had hoped to go back to Ukraine for Jon to preach at a few various churches but we probably won't ever be able to do that either.   THAT makes me so sad.....  It's so odd, that a little country that I had to look up on a map to remember exactly where it was would affect me do deeply.   There is always a "low grade longing" in my heart to go back there.  But some days the longing is so strong I could cry.  I've been to other countries and Never felt like that.  I mean I've liked everywhere I've gone and if something is on tv that I recognize like the Panda Bear Research place I went to in Chengdu China with Shad, I think it's cool but nothing pulls me like Ukraine does.  I truly didn't want to leave there when it was time to go LOL  I kidded around that I knew I'd really have more work to do with two more children but it wasn't that.  I just didn't want to leave there.  I did want American Food....REALLY bad but I loved Ukraine:)  It's hard to explain but we could have just stayed there and worked with the kids in the institution and I think I would have been happy for the rest of my life. 

Please keep praying for Selah and her time in HBOT!   Pray that God will grant us a miracle!

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