Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Sarah and Selah had appointments with GI (gastro) that had been scheduled for awhile so Selah didn't go to HBOT this morning.  We took the girls to Lakeland.  Our GI doctor has offices all over.  Usually in Lakeland, we don't have to wait very long, NOT today....we waited and waited....  Finally got in....we had a lot to discuss for both girls.  I'll start with Sarah.

When we got home from Ukraine, Sarah weighed only 19 pounds, she was 5.5 years old, a little bag of bones.  We got home at midnight and had her to the doctor at 9 am this next morning.  He ran all the usual tests and we began setting up all the specialists for her to see.  All the basic tests were actually ok, despite her obvious malnourishment.  She had a terrible vitamin D defiency   from never getting out in the sun.  So we set up all her specialists appointments for September thinking we'd be home from NY by then.  Well we know how that went....   So today I finally got her into see GI.  Sarah has DOUBLED her weight since coming home, she is 40 pounds:)   Still very small for a girl who is almost 7 years old but much bigger than when we got her.  Sarah is the "Poop Queen" she poops 4 to 5 times a day, very loose and very stinky.  She has a lot of gas both ways.....  so we've worried about her but she is never sick and has gained plenty of weight.  She also eats everything pureed.  The doctor is doing some tests on her and has put her on an antibodic, just to clear out her GI tract in case something is lurking from Ukraine.  Sarah has always had a smell to her, it's not unpleasant but it is different-sort of a sweet smell.  But she has no issues with her sugar.  It's her skin that smells.   I've mentioned it to doctors here and there but no one has been too worried.  The GI doc is not too worried either as she has been so very healthy but did mention some metabolic disorders that we can test for.  Stuff like that scares me.  We are starting with some of these tests and the medicine and then will go from there with things.

Selah is doing great with GI, she has lost some weight since we changed formula but it's ok.,  We weren't worried about it, the pedisure made her very puffy.  We've had all kinds of issues getting some supplies and her formula.  He wrote out orders for everything we need so hopefully it will all get straighten out.

 Then we drove back home, dropped off food for Steve and Sam and dropped off Sarah and took Selah to HBOT.  I got her set in there and went and picked up Shad.  I got back with him and it was time to take Selah home.....

I got home, put together a casserole and am doing this blog before I fall asleep!!!!!!  What a busy day!

Yes I have vague memories of the days before we had kids....very very vague memories.....

Selah will make up this morning's session and have an extra morning of HBOT at the end.  We normally wouldn't miss but we really had to get in and have all her stuff straightened out and Sarah needed to see the doctor too.

So friends I am really tired tonight.  Thank you all for your prayers.  Thank you for your emails and comments on here.  I really LOVE hearing from you!!!!!!

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