Monday, November 18, 2013

Sam's day

I took Sam to the neuro today, before that Sarah and Selah both had PT and Selah left with our nurse for HBOT.  I picked up Shad to go with me since I wasn't sure if I'd be back in time to pick him up from school and Sarah stayed with Steve....   Just arranging my day is exhausting sometimes!

We saw the neurologist.  He is a funny older guy somewhat grumpy like you get the feeling you're wasting his time.  First he somehow got on to the subject of school and said Sam would be better off in public school than on the homebound program.  well if I had a public school that I felt could be trusted to do his eye meds right, and take care of him, I might agree it would be good for him to be out BUT since I don't and can't feel confident that he'd be taken care of then he is not going anywhere!  I'd looked into some charter schools but none of them would take a child with as many needs as Sam has.  So that annoyed me from the get go....Sam is showing signs of anxiety that this doctor told me YEARS ago to look for as Sam got older....he said it probably would happen and now that it has happened he wants to say the answer would be send him off to school.....  So we had a discussion regarding that whole situation and the eye risks ( needing to do eye drops that stay a certain temp etc....)  and I think he understood.  Then we discussed meds.  I didn't want to try anything on Sam that is strong, just something to take the edge off for him.  I'm not a propondant of medicating children, we are even working on weaning Selah from Valium-it's to the point she only has to have a dose every few days or so....  So the doctor knew I'm not some crazy pill shoving mom but Sam needs something to take the edge of his anxiety.   so he prescribe a newer drug, it's been around awhile to help with high blood pressure, but they found it helps with anxiety also.  Sam will be taking a super low dose of it and we will see if that helps him. 

Then we started on the way back, got home in time to do Sarah's vision assessment with her teacher to get ready for her meeting on Friday.  Then I "paid"  (ie you can play the Xbox for an hour if you take them out for an hour)  the boys to take the little kids out. 

I'm tired..... Really tired...  Not thrilled with one of my kids using meds to control anxiety at all but thinking this will help him to unlearn some hurtful behaviors.  I hope so. 

Selah is stable, no changes from HBOT- she has till Friday to go for this session.  Hoping there are things going on that we don't see.

Please keep Selah and Sam in your prayers. 

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  1. Just a thought, have you looked into L-theanine for anxiety? It's a amino acid usually found in tea and is well known for reducing anxiety. Completely natural and works quite well. You may want to look it up and see if you think it would help for Sam :) I've taken it myself from time to time, it is quick acting and while not as strong as a full on anti anxiety medication it definitely promotes a sense of calmness and takes the edge off without any sedative effect.