Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Well CRAP!

I have a friend from Australia who writes me and puts the funniest names to her emails....  I thought this would work for my blog tonight!

First Sam and Selah had their evaluations for Orientation and Mobility Services.    It is often a service that teaches kids how to use a white cane or how to get around in their environment.  The new O&M person from the school seemed really nice and interested in my kids.  She spent a lot of time getting to know each of them individually.  Then as she was finishing up their OT came to work with them.  SO they had a nice fun  and busy morning.   Selah headed off to HBOT with our nurse.

Then I get a phone call from the HEALTH Dept....that is not a good thing ever!  Sarah's poop tested positive for Giardia  http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/giardia/disease.html  She had many tests done after she got home but we had issues getting a stool test done.  She has always had Diarrhea from day one.  But she had all the blood work and nothing was out of wack.  She had an appointment with GI to rule out anything BUT it was made for the fall of 2012 and of course we had to cancel it due to the accident.  So once we got home I was slow to reschedule things with everything going on with us and Selah.  Then when I scheduled it took about 3 months to get her in.  I feel HORRIBLE!  She has NEVER thrown up, never had blood in her stool, never seemed sick!  And she DOUBLED in weight!   The lady from the health department said she didn't think that Sarah would have been as healthy as she is if she'd had it all this time but I can't think but she did have it all this time!  And I feel so bad about that!!!   She seemed to think it was a NEW thing but I doubt that.  It's not like she goes to daycare or school where I guess it is shared back and to. 

So then I called the doctor's office (who has gotten on my last nerve about Selah's meds, Selah's formula and the fact they are so hard to reach! the Health Dept was SHOCKED that our doctor didn't call and tell us this FIRST!)  So once I finally get a living person I find out she also tested positive for  H. pylori  .                                           http://kidshealth.org/parent/infections/stomach/h_pylori.html
Now I'm ready to CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

I had scheduled to take both girls to see the GI doc last fall to rule out anything BUT the accident happened.  Selah got tested for all of that while in the hospital and was negative so I thought Sarah would be too since they came from the same place.  Obviously if Sarah had been sick or not gained weight I would have pushed for testing but she has never been sick but once with a little ear infection.  She ahs never thrown up (knock on wood) and she has never acted like she was in pain.  She always liked eating ANYTHING!  She has tons of energy and plays all day, never takes a nap or seems tired.  The nurse I spoke to didn't seem to bothered by all of this but it certainly bothered me!  Sarah regularly goes to her pediatrician and she has seen various specialists, just not the GI before.   I just HATE that she could have had any pain that could have been prevented.  Not feeling like a good mommy tonight!  

So I'm thinking we may all need to be tested.  The nurse wasn't sure as it seems most of this is caused by bad water. Since we live on a well our water is tested yearly and it's always been fine.   No one has any real symptoms but....it does say that you can have all this and have no symptoms whatsoever.  That's what I am hoping for Sarah that she never hurt from it, just had the diarrhea.

Our nurse was laughing and said we'd better watch out since Sarah has gained so much weight even with this crap, she will be a BIG girl for sure if any of this has kept her weight gain down LOL 

So I'm feeling like CRAP tonight! 

In other news Sam seemed much happier today and calmer, of course he was busy all day long too.  He took his first little dose of the med last night and I woke up several times to check on him to make sure he was breathing.  Sam has lots of eye drops but has seldom taken any meds by mouth and I worried about him having a reaction to it.   Once I stepped on Steve's bed trying to get to Sam's bed, I think I scared Steve!  Anyhow I'm sure it is much too early for any benefits of the new anti anxiety drug, maybe I'm having a mommy placebo effect:) 

So all my little ones need prayer tonight.  As always pray that HBOT will help Selah.  Pray for Sam and that this new meds will help him deal with anxiety and that we learn how to help him cope with it.  And pray for my sweet baby girl Sarah that these meds will clear out her system and that she has no long term affects of having this in her system longer than necessary!  I adore my little girl so much, I can't think of her having to deal with anything extra in her life! 

Here are some Night Night pictures taken over the course of several days.....





yes they are both asleep LOL


  1. Obviously we wish it had been found sooner, but I think it is GREAT that there is a cause for her diarrhea. Get well, Sarah!

  2. Don't beat yourself up over this. She is healthy and happy. I'm amazed that you have managed to stay on top of EVERYTHING and stay sane this past year! I wonder if she will notice firmer stools as that happens. I'm praying that the meds help Sam and as always praying for Selah.