Friday, December 6, 2013

A Great Need for the Burman family!

Yes we had a good time at Disney and I took some great pictures that I can't wait to share with you all....BUT I have to tell you about a need....

remember the Burman family?  Remember you all helped me to raise $1020 for them a few months ago?   I sent a check to GraceHaven Ministries for that amount.  Well they have been working HARD ever since to do all the paperchase required to adopt those FOUR children.  BUT the MAIN amount of the money raised for these children have been held by another "ministry"  The Burman family has jumped through hoops and are still jumping through hoops....

They need a miracle NOW!  God is not dependent on anyone ministry or person to make something happen!

Her close friend wrote this....

 Carissa Lanning
Ok, it's down to the wire and my BFF Shelly Burman needs a real pre-Christmas miracle. She leaves on SUNDAY to go and rescue 4 ORPHANS and bring those lonlies into her family. I have seen their beds and their pretty clothes all laid out. ...
I have witnessed Shelly seeing new pics of her son for the first time and the tears of love well in her eyes. I have listened to her son jabber on and on about having a brother his age who can play with him and share his room. They are all beyond excited! But they are VERY VERY short on funds.
See, they were counting on $30+K that was lovingly raised by many donors, and the funds have yet to be released. They have jumped through hoops when they were told to jump, and more hoops are produced instead of the ransom. The first small bit of the ransom has been raised through
Grace Haven Ministries and Project HOPEFUL,NFP, round of airfare are paid for and the bags are packed. Shelly is leaving on faith that God will provide. Let's all be the hands and feet of God and raise the $$ they need to finish what God has started so many months ago!!! Let's RALLY around this wonderful family!!! I know it's Christmas time and funds are short for everyone. But if we all work together, as the body of Christ, we can make this happen.

Please go to
and give, even if it is only $5 it will help!
You know I saw these children, I played with the girls, I have pictures and of the girls, who we "named " Sally, we were going to go back and adopt....then the accident happened.....but NOW she has another chance for a mommy and daddy....  Let's Rally again and help make this happen!
Shelly leaves in just a couple of days....
(I will post picture of our trip later, having some issues with my computer, I don't know WHY)  But I knew this was too important NOT to write about tonight!


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