Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby Sabrina

Jean my close friend's granddaughter was just born last week.  She is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  Her parents planned for her birth, perfect pregnancy, not a worry about anything.....and then at her birth, she had problems.  Now there are many unknowns.....  Please Please pray for my dear friend, her daughter and granddaughter and the rest of the family.  This is a hard situation.  We are all praying that Sabrina's brain will heal and she will be spared any life long disabilities!     If any of you have been in a similar situation, and have valid suggestions or could give them any idea of what questions for them to ask, please email them to me at theclanton5@aol.com.  They don't want to leave any stone unturned!   I've been in somewhat similar situations but not quite the same.....   My heart is broken for this little family....Sabrina's parents are the kind of young people that did everything right...finished college, got career jobs, got married, bought a home, started a family....the kind of parents that worried about what kind of crib and car seat to buy in order to keep their new little one safe....the mom went to all her doctor's appointments, did everything asked of her.....  This situation just is so hard to fathom.....

My friend wrote this out for me to share with you all

Sabrina Lorita
Born Thursday, Dec. 12 @ 9:12pm
Labor was induced at 7:30am; water was broken. There was a large amount of Meconium present in the fluid.
At 6:30pm dilation was 10 cm & the pushing began.
At birth, Sabrina was blue; not breathing. They worked on her quickly & got her breathing & "pinking up." Her APGAR score was only a 2 at the one minute mark. However, at the five minute mark, Sabrina's score was 9! We were told she was fine & just needed to cry more to finish clearing her lungs.
Sabrina was allowed to have "skin to skin" with Mom & was held by Dad & MawMaw. I noticed Sabrina making bubbles & having labored breathing. I told nurse Sabrina sounded like she was wheezing & was listless. The nurse just told us to pat her back & make her cry to continue to clear the lungs.
Finally, about 45 minutes after birth, a nurse from the nursery came to check Sabrina's vitals. She asked to take the baby to the nursery to do the tests, as we were moving to a regular room & Sabrina's blood sugar could be low, due to the labored breathing.
Later, we were told Sabrina was being transferred to the NICU, so they could start an IV to raise her blood sugar.
Laura & Matt visited Sabrina in the NICU overnight & were not told of any problems. However, the next morning they were able to meet with the doctor & he advised that Sabrina was having Apnea & Seizures. We were shocked! We had no answers as to why this was going on!
Later, Sabrina was placed on a ventilator to help with breathing. She also began Phenobarbital to help control seizures. They had no idea why she was having these issues & began testing for everything! They did a spinal tap & drew lots of blood to check for infections, viruses, & metabolic issues. An EEG was done while I was there. I witnessed some of the seizure like activity (rapid eye movement & shaking hand). After the EEG was completed, the nurse (Tammy) showed Laura & I a large red swollen area along the right side/back area of Sabrina's head. Tammy asked if a vacuum or forceps were used in delivery; Laura advised they were not used. I asked about getting a CT Scan & MRI of the brain ASAP! They advised that she would have the CT scan later, but since she was on a ventilator, they would have to wait to do a MRI.
No additional testing was done Friday. Later, Sabrina was removed from the ventilator. Laura was told that Sabrina would have an ultrasound of the head first thing Saturday morning & a CT scan in the afternoon. She was also told that an MRI would have to wait until Monday, as the staff wouldn't be available until then.
Later Saturday morning, the Pediatric neurologist met with the family. He witnessed the seizure like activity, Laura showed him the large bruise on Sabrina's head, & immediately stated he wanted an MRI right away.
Saturday afternoon we received the MRI results from the Neonatologist. He advised that Sabrina either had a stroke or a hemorrhage, as they see evidence of brain damage on the MRI.
Around 6pm, Laura was discharged from the hospital.
Sabrina's seizures were under control & she rested well all day Sunday. No additional testing was done.
By Monday morning, Sabrina had been seizure free for over 24 hrs! Laura got to feed her for the first time. Sabrina was able to drink 4 ml from a bottle. She must be able to take a full bottle for all feedings over 24 hrs, before they can remove the feeding tube. We are hopeful that will improve quickly! Her kidneys are improving daily; almost functioning normally. The Pediatric neurologist has still not returned to discuss the official diagnoses!
Monday afternoon (4pm) we all met with the Neonatologist. He advised of specific areas of the brain effected: front of brain has evidence of an old bleed & a new bleed; lateral sides show areas of Asphyxia. He stated that the focus now is to get Sabrina's gag & sucking reflexes to improve, so she can eat orally & have feeding tube removed. I advised doctor of family history of Protein C and protein S deficiency (clotting problems).
Tuesday morning, the Pediatric neurologist & Neonatologist meet with the family. They agreed to call in a Hematologist to address a possible blood clotting issue. Although they feel Sabrina's damage is most likely a result of Trauma (labor/delivery), they need to rule out a clotting issue, as the damage could continue if due to clotting problem.

Thank you so much for prayers for this dear family....


Sarah's PT gave her a candy cane today....her first one, pure JOY!   She was all about it and very serious.  She sucked it down to a little point and bit it but then that made her gag.  But I love that she bit on it.  She is getting there,  I may not have to blend her soups much longer.  I am blending things less and less and she is doing ok most of the time.  If she gets too much she'll gag.  Love my girl and love how she is doing new things!!


    1. As a former OB RN I would be interested to know how her heart rate was during labor? Any decelerations? How did her heart rate handle the contractions? Was Pitocin used to augment her labor?

      1. Actually her heart rate was high at times into the 180'swhich I thought was odd and yes Pitocin was used.....any ideas on that?

    2. Yvonne, it's suspected that my daughter may have had a stroke right before or right after birth. She is 9 years old now and has a mild case of cerebral palsy due to PVL (peri-ventricular leukomalacia). I had a feeling that something was wrong while she was in the hospital because she had tremors (nurses blew me off) and she became very jaundiced. She was also failure-to-thrive. Sucking reflex was very poor. It wasn't until she was 4 months old that her pediatrician recommended that I have her evaluated by Early Intervention. She had an MRI at 6 months of age and that showed the area of brain damage. Looking back, I wish I had fought from the beginning to have her more thoroughly checked out but I was in such a fog from post-partum issues. Thankfully, Jackie qualified for Early Intervention. I give EI so much credit for the awesome progress that my daughter has made. Please let your friends know about the Early Intervention program and how important it is to get the baby started with physical and occupational therapies as soon as possible. Early treatment is KEY to progress.

      1. Sam also has some PVL... I told them about EI also as that helped Sam:)

    3. perhaps Max's parents can provide insight- she had a great pregnancy but at birth- he had a stroke and seizures etc. Here is a link to his story: http://www.lovethatmax.com/2008/11/what-happened-to-max.html

    4. check out Max's blog. His mom had a great pregnancy but after birth he had seizures, a stroke etc. Perhaps they can be insightful: http://www.lovethatmax.com/2008/11/what-happened-to-max.html