Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas pictures

the tree before a present was unwrapped!
Christmas Eve 2013 and Sam finds his Christmas Eve present




Sarah didn't quite get into the gifts

                                                     Oh but Sam LOVED Sarah's present LOL


Yeah Miss Kay's cookbook!
Now I'll know how to cook up squirrel LOL


Broke LOL

Sam loves his bubba




Christmas morning 2013


Look at Sam unwrapping his own present!


Lego Man!

Steve took the blanket off his big present


then we went and opened Selah's presents
she got clothes, Pj's, some toys and a big pillow chair




Selah and Daddy

I don't know if you can see the pink back  vibrator  Sarah is holding.  When we first gave it to her, she got scared and almost cried.  Then she held it and put it on her face and arms.  She played with it all day and wore the batteries out!  And the CRAZY thing, she absolutely was so still in her body.  Very little doing her hand motions and her body was STILL.  She sat with me on the couch at our friends house and she was's hard to explain if you don't know Sarah but I think this toy with the motion is giving her some input that will help her to relax.  It was like $4 at Walmart, I think I'll buy the store out tomorrow! 




Selah on her new pillow chair with some of her new toys and blankets and outfit:)

the girls have matching outfits, Sarah in green and Selah in red


Our family!


Jon and his dad. 

Jon and his brothers with their dad

Some more of the family

I wish I'd taken some more pictures today but it was a good day. 
This was my FB post today to my friends & family and I'll share it with you also....
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I am very thankful that we were all together and that Selah is NOT in the hospital today. We had a good day, the kids all loved their presents, got to see all of Jon's family and have a great dinner out with some dear friends. I'm thankful to be home for Christmas this year and to have this past year of learning about our new "normal" almost over..... tonight a poignant memory of Selah almost overwhelmed my heart. It's been a rough year but God has been the Faithful One to us. "Fear Not....a Savior is born...." Thanking God for that Savior who saves us from our sins and from life when it seems to overwhelm us........
My heart was a little broken today a few times, the tears welled up but I was able to keep them in.    I just wish things were different and imagining how it could be.  Selah never got to have a Christmas with us before the accident happened.  In all my gratefulness, for all we have I just wished I had my little girl back with us completely.  That's what was on my mind today as we went about our day.  It was a good day, but a piece of my heart was hurting for the little one who stayed home with our wonderful nurse.  Having the other four children makes me HAVE to go on with life on some level.  But it hurts.....sometimes the smile is forced.  I'll never quit asking for prayer for Selah so I'll ask again tonight....pray that our little girl is restored back to us.  Thank you.

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