Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hanging out at the Prison

Not many women can say their husband took them out to dinner at a prison:)  Tonight was the annual volunteer banquet and I  helped serve the food.  I wish I could have taken pictures, but.....I couldn't' bring in my camera.  Jon enjoys working at his prison very much.  Over the last 16 years, he has worked at four prisons as he was promoted. When you work in the prions system, you usually have to  be willing to relocate or drive to get promotions.   Each had a "personality" and a reputation.  The one he is at now is a great one for staff and inmates alike.  The staff all seem to work together and actually enjoy & respect each other for the most part .  The inmates have more services at this prison than at others and it is a very unique prison that serves the needs of the handicapped, the ill, mental health,  hospice patients and elderly. 

Tonight the prison choir sang and some of the staff & volunteers spoke.  The volunteer of the year Bob, was honored.  He kept the chapel running while we were away with Selah last year.  Then we had a remarkable good dinner:)  I got the opportunity to hang out with some of the staff that I'd never met and we really hit if off and I laughed a lot tonight:)  It was a really good night! 

Jon's prison leads the state in volunteer hours, they had 4000 hours in the last 3 months!   He averages 300 volunteers a month working with the inmates!!   He has sought to grow the program, even tho a lot was in place when he came there.  He makes place for every religion and seeks to find volunteers for each religion represented.  Jon preaches a clear Christian message but he works with different religions and treats them all with respect. 

For example tonight he had a Jewish volunteer doing a Hanukkah service for the Jewish inmates  and a Muslim giving the key note speech for the volunteers......he works with everyone and has been complimented by several non Christian inmates for treating them and their religion with respect.  That being said, he and I believe there is only ONE way to God and that is through Jesus....but we are to show love to others and not hatred. 

So we had a great "date" night!

The kids are all doing good.  Selah had a great day and enjoyed being outside this morning.  She just looked so good today,  I love seeing her look healthy.

And YES she got her formula today......  Geez I hope this is the last time we have a problem with that!

Please keep her in prayer, I'm always encouraged when I hear from others who still pray for her daily.  Please know no matter what is going on in my life, I call out to God throughout my day in my heart to heal my little girl.  Sometimes I get up in the night to go to the bathroom and lay back down and pray for her till I fall asleep.  There is seldom a day that tears don't fill my eyes at some point or another, I just hide it and get control of my emotions.  I want her to be herself again, I want to see her smile and hear her laugh, I don't even have the words to convey to you how deeply I still want that.  I've not accepted that this will be her situation for the rest of her life.....  So please continue in prayer for her.  I don't understand everything, I don't know what moves God to do miracles I just know we need one!

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  1. I pray for Selah every day. For her healing and happiness. Don't ever think I would forget her.