Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Sarah!

Today was Sarah's birthday.  She is 7 years old.  What can I say......we are so very blessed to have Sarah in our family.  She is a JOY and is so precious to us.  With an adopted child, on their birthday you always think about the biological parents and wonder if they think of her they have regrets?   When I think of her actual birthday, I know more of her history of any of our adopted children. I know the parents, specifically the mother would not touch her. Can you imagine turning away from a newborn?  That hurts me to think of, so I smother her with love & kisses.  I tell her all the time that the stork got lost and dropped her off in Ukraine rather than the US with me.  I tell her things she doesn't understand, but I hope she can grasp with her heart that she is loved forever & ever with us.  I hope she knows we'd never leave her or turn away from her. 

Sarah is so special to me.  When I saw her picture, I fell in love.  When we committed to her adoption I felt exactly like my biological child had been stolen and was in another country.  I stayed up nights doing the paperwork to rush her home.....I couldn't eat, but to wonder if she was hungry.....

That love has only grown and what is so beautiful is to see Sarah respond to our love.  Some children with such learning disabilities, then add the blindness and the time in the orphanage and then in the mental institution come out so scarred that the families can only love them without receiving love back.  I knew that going in.....but that's NOT our Sarah.  Despite it all, she has recovered emotionally in an amazing way!  My heart just swells when she reaches for me (which is often!  LOL)   We are so blessed to be loved back by this darling girl. 

The other day at the school conference (at our home)   There were about 6 female staffers there.  Sarah crawled from a toy to one, who I think she thought was me.  Then I called her, she turned, smiled and crawled/hopped (she has a funny way of crawling) right to me, at the far end of the room and sat on my lap for an hour. It just warmed my heart to see her want to be in my lap and not real interested in anyone else in the room  (that is a huge developmental step by the way!!!)  

She is a gift from God to us in many ways!

So for her birthday we went to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.

Steve and Shad playing a game

Sarah enjoying her purred soup!  She ate THREE bowls!  I opened my mouth here to "help " her LOL, like she needs any help!  And look no high chair, she is sitting in a chair like a big girl!

it's good

she still opens her mouth WIDE to eat!
It was so hot today, we were all wearing summer clothes!  In the 80's at the end of December!
Please pray for Selah!   Late yesterday afternoon she started having a higher than normal heart rate and her oxygen levels dropped between 88-92%.   We called the doctor and he said he'd call in some meds today.  Around 3am this morning the nurse had to put her on oxygen.  That stabilized her.  This morning the doctor called me back.  He had wanted her to go on Cipro but we've had trouble with that going through her gtube in the past.  But we tried it.  He also wanted to put her on Tobyminicion a week early.  But we had issues with our insurance and it called for an override. 
We got the Cipro and had problems right away with it in the gtube.   So I called the doctor back and he put her on another med Lev.....something or another.  
So today she has been fine without oxygen and has kept her levels up to a normal range.  Not quite normal for her as she is usually at 99-100% and today she has been at 96% which is ok but just not Selah.  Her heart rate has gone down into the 60's some but it is still a little higher than normal.
We are praying that we are able to keep her out of the hospital.  She hasn't been in since the last of April!   Please pray that we are able to get the Toby on Monday easily with no issues with our insurance.  It is such a pain!!!!!!
Selah doesn't seem to be in distress or uncomfortable.  She isn't having  a lot more secretions but it seems it's a bit thick in her lungs.  I'm so thankful for our nurses, if not for them, I know we'd be in the ER/hospital already. 
Thank you for your prayers for Selah......


  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Sarah!! She is such a little lamp of pure JOY! I just love her sweet smiles. I can't imagine wearing summer clothes in December- it's a freezing snow covered wonderland here in northern Illinois! Prayers for Selah, and that the Toby does the trick in knocking out whatever is bothering her.

  2. Happy Happy 7th birthday to your sweet Sarah! Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant too and that is where I always go for my birthday! Of course I have many years over her!! She looks so precious enjoying her soup! So thankful that Selah is better today (Sunday)!!! (((HUGS))))