Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's On

Well it looks like we are ON for Disney tomorrow.  That meant today I had to have all my church work done and ready to go to the bookkeeper.  I also had to shop for Sunday's big Christmas Dinner at church.  And I have to pack the Diaper Bag....  you have no idea what a chore that is to make sure we have everything!

I bought a turkey and ham for Sunday's Christmas lunch.  It's a "ready to go " just put it in that roasting pan and COOK it!  That is my kind of turkey.  It says you don't even have to defrost it!  YAY!!  The Ham is pre cooked also!  YAY!  Hopefully I won't kill anyone!  I'm also using my new crock pot that has 3 crock pots in it to do baked beans, sweet corn and green beans:)  There is going to be some good food on Sunday!  Another lady is doing a turkey also so we won't go hungry!
If you live in our area, come and check out our church! 

We are hoping that Disney's policy on helping the disabled will still be in place.  I called today and was told it was a case by case situation.  I'm hoping they'll look at our case and work with us or otherwise it may not be a very good day.  You know I'm not one for pulling the disabled card out and I never abuse having a handicapped parking sticker.  If one of the little ones is NOT with me, I would never think about using it.  (well I did ONE time when it was pouring and I was getting meds for one of them!  I confess but the parking lot was basically empty and there were numerous handicapped parking spaces.)  But that is the only time.  I'm thankful I don't need a handicapped sticker for myself and I am glad to walk, I need to walk anyhow!  Anyhow I hope things go smooth tomorrow.  I want the kids to enjoy themselves.

Last night I had such a vivid dream.  I was alone in Ukraine working in an orphanage.  It was so real, I even discussed with the caretakers some of the children's diagnosis's.  In the dream, I wept a lot, at first I was helping to move some kids from a bad orphanage to a nicer one.  I held one child in a van as we traveled to the new orphanage.  Oh my God was this dream real.......I think that dream represents my heart and what I would want to do if I had the opportunity.  Of course I have my little ones here to take care of now. 

Sarah does not seem to care for vision therapy.  Today was her second day and she cried and cried.  I was working at the church and no one came to get me or called me so I didn't' know about it till it was over.  When I was leaving, she was not too happy and I suggested working with her on her horse.  The teacher of vision therapy is a lot like an Occupational Therapist.  There is a lot of fine motor skill being worked on.  So Sam is happy to sit with the teacher, put pegs in holes, but Sarah wants to be moving!!!!   I thought she'd be happier if she was on the horse and could rock some during the time, but evidently she was screaming!  Sarah NEVER does that!  I'm not sure what we will do about this but I think the teacher will have to work with her in a totally different way than she does with Sam or other VI kids.  In most situations I'd say the child had to get used to things BUT not with Sarah.  She has been through too much, was tied to a bed and CRAVES movement.  So we have to figure out how to work with that!

Next week the kids all start with their Academics teacher.  She is scheduled to come from 3:15- 5:45 pm 3 days a week.  That is really late for Sam.  If he can't deal with that, then we'll have to move some things around. 

Wish us luck tomorrow.....I hope Sam and Sarah enjoy themselves,  We've taken Sam to Disney before and he loved all the rides and did fine.  This will be new for Princess Sarah:)  We think she will love the rides, I can't wait to take her on some of them!  Selah is doing good=stable.  She is enjoying going outside daily and she is using her stander for an hour a day.  She tolerates everything quite well.  thank you for still praying for her!

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  1. Yvonne
    Have a great Disney Day tomorrow. Please tell me that there will be tons of pictures really soon of your trip.