Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday morning.....

I went to bed at 9pm last night, Sam laid down by me and was so sweet.  He kept rubbing my arm.  I actually was going to let him sleep with me but Jon had to finish his eye drops and I couldn't' stay awake any longer.  This morning I got up at 7am ready to  see all the teachers:) Got the kids up, dressed and fed and was ready for PT at 9 am.....and it went on till 4pm!  Plus a sweet couple in our church came to clean the Fellowship Hall from all the fellowshipping yesterday:)   So it has been a busy day as always!

Steve decided to not open the Xbox he had ordered and sent it back today!  YEAH!  I LOVE how he has gotten his priorities straight.  He has lost 15 pounds!  And he has wore out a jogging track around our house/property.  It's great to see him back in shape and working out.  I was happy to drop off that Xbox at UPS!!!  WOOHOO!

The little kids got to meet their new academic teacher today.  She will work with all three of them starting tomorrow.  She made a good impression and they all took to her including Selah.  Sam was really trying to show off LOL

Well it's been a good day, got lots of stuff done and am going to try and get the presents wrapped.....

Please pray for Selah, for Shelly as she is in Ukraine in the midst of all this protesting.... pray that nothing will hold up their adoptions!

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