Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Christmas pictures

Well you can't say I didn't try!   I try so hard for the perfect picture.....I kept the smile going.....Sam was TICKED off cause he was ready to go eat, Sarah was busy doing her hand signals to Ukraine, Selah wouldn't look as soon as the camera came out ....BUT I kept smiling!!!!!  ONE DAY I will get the picture I want!!!   LOL

Took some pictures of the inside of our church this morning first when I THOUGHT I had time to relax and enjoy a Sunday. 





Well this is a true up at 6 :30 AM, the church was already cleaned and everyone's clothes were ironed and set out. THANKFULLY! Got to church and SURPRISE I was asked to sing (LOL ONLY because I know the tunes of the old songs) THEN found out our video/computer guy who will remain unnamed had everything done on PowerPoint.....everything for LAST week that is! (was he just not paying attention???) Redid it all in about 5 minutes, somehow AS people were waiting for the service to begin...... Got up to sing and Sam threw a high pitch screaming fit.....grabbed him up and he joined us on stage..... this couldn't have happened on a Sunday when no one was there could it? Nope church was  full!  Good thing we believe in Grace!!!!!
Trying to get in place for the family pictures.....
Sam was ticked!

Sam is yelling, Jon is grumpy BUT I'm still SMILING!  LOL


I think about this time Jon was singing under his breath, being quite sarcastic....
I'm still smiling! he has his "fake' smile on

this was the best!
notice everyone matched (well Steve was not exactly in a tie but had a "cool" teenagey outfit on LOL  at least he had on black cargo shorts.  Think I'm going to have to buy him a dress outfit!

Selah is looking at the tree

We had a great service in spite of all the little glitches.  It's fun to know how we are under pressure.  Nothing like a church full of folks, knowing I'm going to have to sing as I have to type out a PowerPoint to some obscure song I don't know right as church is starting. ....LOL   These are the things you are NOT taught in Bible College:)  But it keeps you on your toes and by that time I wasn't nervous about singing LOL!!!
Well tomorrow is a busy busy day.  physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Vision therapy, academic teacher, All three little ones get evaluated for occupational Therapy through the school system and a social worker for a program Sam is enrolled that is SIX different people besides the nurses at my house tomorrow from 9 am till 5:30...... It should be an interesting day.....Can't wait ( says Yvonne sarcastically) 
Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for Selah!

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  1. I love your new family picture! I think it expresses everyone's personalities well! LOL!