Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year Resolutions

I've never been much for New Year Resolutions...BUT for 2014 I actually have some!

1. I will relax more with my family.  I tend to be very goal oriented.  My NOT!  Not in the least bit and I feel like a fish trying to swim upstream most of the time which can make me quite short tempered with the ones I love the most.

2.  I will exercise some every day.  This coming from the girl who used to walk 5 miles a day, it is something I have to get back to on a more regular basis.

3.  I will take less crap from people.  (oh that's right I don't take much now, well it's going to get less LOL)

4.  NO FAST FOOD  (except pizza!)

5.  I will cook supper every night:) 

6.  If I don't like someone, I will absolutely refuse to be around them.  That sounds mean but life is just way too short to waste my time.   (and before I get nasty messages, I know that sounds unchristian but is it really?  I prefer to think it is HEALTHY for my spiritual and emotional life.  And if I don't like someone, being around them won't change that fact....  I've yet to START liking someone that I didn't like to begin with.  In fact, I usually dislike them MORE once I get to know them LOL!!  And btw, that doesn't mean I wish them evil or hate them, I just do not like them.  Let me love them from afar.....I can usually manage that!   LOL)

7.  YOLO - You only live once.

8.  Shad & I will read the bible through this year.

9.  I will throw Steve a rocking graduation party:)

10.  I will spend more time with my husband.  And treasure the time with my kids more!

Wow I have TEN New Year Resolutions!  I'm going to be very busy!!!!!

So do you have any New Year resolutions? 

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  1. I'm not huge on resolutions. I think that they are overdone, and as such no one really expects anyone to stick to them anyway, so they are sort of a waste of time. That being said, I *do* have some "plans" for 2014 that I'd like to stick to. I need to come up with a better word than resolution though LOL. I'd like to make 2014 a year of being intentional. I want to be more of an intentional parent, and less of a reactive parent. I'm crazy busy- single momma working two jobs, going to nursing school, homeschooling my three monkeys- and I find myself going through the paces more than anything. This next year, I want to focus on being intentional and PRESENT when I'm physically present with my kids, and not just find us swept away as life goes on. I want to really enjoy the place that we are, while we are in it. Easier said than done!!

    I definitely want to jump on the healthier living bandwagon. We've cut fast food out almost completely, and that's a huge change for our busy lifestyle. Next step will be to add some time in our crazy life for exercise.

    I want to read through the bible with my boys this year too. I'm really purposing to change our family focus back to God, and not on the craziness that surrounds us. I'm desperately seeking out family devotionals and whatnot for my family, and particularly my teen boys. Any suggestions?

    And just because - I'm going to hope and pray that this is the year God brings a wonderful Godly man into my life, because being a single mom really really stinks. On the upside, coming through a failed marriage with a non-believing husband made me come to a place where I know what I want in a husband and who I want to be as a partner. So who knows?