Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pictures and Christmas plans.....

 Here are some of our critters...
Vermont, named after the state that the person who gave us is from.  she did not work as an indoor cat for him!
 she loves my lilac bush

 Our sweet Brownie!
She is the greatest dog in the world

 Getting a bit gray.....


 Happy girl

Sam was pushing himself with his foot!!!!! 




 Look at Sarah's giant foot!

I LOVE her sweet smile


she has hair blowing in the breeze, who'd ever thought that:) 


We are enjoying our 80 degree weather with low humidity  THIS is why folks move to Florida!
The kids go out every day and so does Selah. 
The kids are getting excited about Christmas and a break from school for Shad.  Shad has asked for a baby kitten.  We are in process of getting one.  A friend of a friend does a cat rescue and they will have some kittens ready to leave their mama the week before Christmas so Shad gets to pick out a kitten.  I really do not want anymore responsibility,  Shad will take care of the cat, I'm not worried about that, but I don't' want anyone else to worry about!   But Shad wants a pet of his own and I want him to have one. 
Someone is giving our family tickets to Disney.  We plan on going before Christmas so everyone is all excited about that too.  I am will be a fun challenge..... but a challenge!
We have some parties coming up and so much going on.  I'm really trying to enjoy this Christmas season. 
Last night I dreamed I was holding Selah on my hip and she was supporting her trunk, neck and head.  In my dream I was so very happy.....Please keep praying for her!

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  1. Oh...cats are such great companions. So happy for Shad! And I truly believe that some animals have a '6th sense' when it comes to 'people needs', especially people with disabilities. Will pray for just the right feline friend for Shad! Mr. (or Miss) Kitty may very well minister to your whole family! Our little 'girlie cat', who was not previously a 'bed cat' became my constant companion last summer when I was down and out with back issues. It was amazing, and I thanked God for 'wiring' her that way, even if it was temporary. She no longer sleeps on the bed, but during that summer she sensed my need for companionship, and just slept and purred with me all day long :)