Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pictures from Jon's 50th....

Love my smiley girl!   

Eating at Sonny's:)

Selah was determined to look away from me as soon as I got the camera.  How she knows to do that I don't' know!
Selah is doing something NEW...
she started her tongue movement during her 1st HBOT sessions yesterday the nurse made a clicking sound with his mouth and she would stop moving her tongue.   We kept doing it to her and everytime we'd make the noise, she would stop moving her tongue.  I know that is a little thing but it was like a game we were playing back and to. 

Today is a bit cooler in the Sunshine State, maybe we will have temps below 70 degrees:)  It's still beautiful and my little one are outside now playing.  Just wanted to share these pictures, I am determined to get a good Christmas picture this Sunday!  I've not gotten any of Selah dressed up nice lately. 

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