Sunday, December 1, 2013

Please pray for Ukraine

Saturday was an incredibly busy day for me.  We started at 9 am and cleaned our Fellowship Hall at the church.   It has not been used since the accident and had become somewhat of a storage room since we got new church chairs back at Easter but with a Christmas dinner coming up and a new Sunday School class starting in January that needs to meet in there, we cleaned it from top to bottom.   I got to get rid of some tings too!  YEAH LOL:)  We had lots of help including some of the Spanish church members. 

Then after all that was done, Steve and I went and got our Christmas Tree and some things for the church.  Then we put up the tree.....and cleaned up after then it was 10pm.  As you can imagine I FELL into bed after a hot shower....I was completely exhausted!  But it looks GREAT!

So we took some pictures in front of the tree this morning. 






the last picture is the best except Sam was getting mad and hungry.    Selah had a beautiful red dress on but we had talked so long after church with various people that our nurse had taken her home by the time we got a chance to take pictures and she was resting.  ONE day I will have that PERFECT PICTURE I KEEP STRIVING FOR !!!!  You know the one, where everyone is looking towards the camera with a smile on their faces!


If you are wondering about what is going on in Ukraine, here is a good article that explains things to some degree.

We love Ukraine, our daughters' country, where we lived for 6 weeks. It's a country I did not know a lot about but now I have studied its' sad history. I pray that Ukraine will be able to break with Russia and have a successful future. I am afraid the country is very divided. From what we saw & experienced, there are some who want to become more Western, and some who love the past/Russia/Lenin. There is a big difference between many in the Western side of Ukraine, near Kiev and the Eastern side near Russia (where our girls are from)     Where our girls were from, there were many Lenin statutes, that were revered by some. There seemed to be a huge political divide. We pray the best for Ukraine!

Here are some pictures of the protests.....  I'm not an international expert by any means, but I can't help but hope and pray that finally Ukraine can be completely free from Russia and able to break all the shackles that has been on that country for so many years.  I loved the Ukraine people that we met and feel honored by the time they spent with us.  We came to love them all so much.  We had such a strong feeling, I kept saying to Jon that we must have Ukrainian roots and not know it!  I hope the very best for our daughters' birth country and hope the people there can live in peace and prosperity! I pray there is no bloodshed or anymore hard times ahead for this country.  Ukraine has suffered so much over the years.   

We have been here, to Independence Square, this is a sight to see.......

So in your prayers, remember the country of Ukraine.....and Selah also.  Thank you!

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