Monday, December 23, 2013

Quick Update on Selah!

Selah is better.....

But I have had one heck of a day trying to get her meds.  She never did get the Toby, the best we can hope for is getting it the day after Christmas.  It was just a long day being on the one point I was on the cell with the doctor's office and the home phone with the insurance.....

Luckily the doctor had put her on the antibodic and I think that is kicking in.  Plus the wonderful nursing care, she has!   The nurses have been giving her more fluids, doing breathing treatments and "beating" on her chest to clear her out. 

After she finished PT today, a lot got suctioned out and now the rattle/wheeze sound is gone.  She also was able to come off the oxygen this morning too and has kept her levels up, hopefully she will be able to keep them up at night too.

Today was such a long story with the meds, that I can't even go into it....UGH!  This maybe mean but there are times when I really hope the people I have to deal with will one day have the pleasure of having to deal with others like themselves ......OK I know that is mean but it has been a long day!  And I always have such a knot in my stomach when something is wrong with Selah.

If we didn't have 24 hour nursing care, she would certainly be in the hospital.  Not only do they do such a great job but I would not have the confidence to wait something out.  She has not had but one small fever and that was on Friday so at least we aren't worrying about that! 

Thanks for your prayers for Selah! 

Also I just read this story one of my friends wrote

A  young lady who lives near us, just died of the flu.  Her father is urging everyone to get their flu shots.  I got all of the kids' shots back in October but hadn't taken the time to get mine.  This story got me thinking!   So tonight I ran up to CVS and got my shot.  My husband is going tomorrow and I was warned, there weren't a lot of flu shots left! 

Some people have doubts about getting the flu shot.  I will tell you everyone who works with us  in the medical community from nurses, to doctors to therapists....ALL get their flu shots and encourage others to get them.  I had asked our nurses to get it, 3 of them had already gotten it when I asked.  It's something they take serious!  So I encourage you to get your shot!   We always get the shots that are free of preservatives and had dead viruses in them.  We don't do the mist even for the kids since there is live virus in that.

I'm very sadden for the family of this young lady.  The pharmacy helper at CVS was related to her and my cashier at Publix knew her's very sad.  God be with them!


I'm tired tonight!  Steve went to Busch Gardens with some of his friends today and he is beat, Jon worked late at the prison....we are all ready to go night night around here!


  1. Have never commented before but felt tonight I had to tell you how much I think of you. You are special in the way you take care of your family and in the way you serve our Lord. Don't know many who work as hard as you do to get the best for your children. You have gone through so much this past year and still can put a smile on your face. I pray for Selah every day and also for your whole family. May God keep you all safely in his arms and bring peace to you in the new year. May you all have a wonderful Christmas (Merry too). I hope what I have said makes sense to you.

  2. Did my comment not get approved to put on here? I also checked on the love L:ike Praying and it says 0. If I said something wrong I am sorry.

    1. what a sweet comment it was!!! I just hadn't been on the computer today but thank you so much for your prayers and kind words!

  3. Just got in from Church Christmas eve service and found you had posted and now I feel like a dunce. I'm not used to doing this. You are a very strong person not afraid to say what you feel. You fight for your kids and you know what they need. I really admire you and feel you deserve some praise here. I'm thankful I found someone like you to follow.

    1. Oh that's fine:) thanks for your kind words and for reading my ramblings! Merry Christmas