Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Shenanigans

Ok we are enjoying these kittens so much!  They act like they have always lived with us.  I'm a cat person, have had cats all my life but I have never had a kitten like these two.  They are extremely well behaved, totally litter box trained.  They play but they sleep good, if you touch them, they start purring.  Even my husband, who wasn't really thrilled with us getting kittens, can not believe how these two just fit right in.  they are adorable! they even don't mind the kennel and don't even try to get out when the door is open unless we call them out.   What good babies!

Today we cleaned out the laundry room as we needed to try and have more space in there for the kennel.  It's so big when everything is moved out....BUT then we had to move most everything back in and it becomes small again LOL

Sam decided to throw up breakfast. Jon had left for his bike ride and the kids were all outside and Shad came a-running to yell "Sam is throwing up"   It was pretty awful.  I am NOT the throw up parent in our home.  I almost joined in with Sam and that made him giggle to listen to me gag as I tried to get him undressed.  OUTSIDE.....thank God we live in Florida.  He hasn't been sick again and is acting like himself.  He had lots of mucus and doesn't know how to blow his nose or cough it up so we think the motion of the swing just caused him to lose his breakfast.   He got a shower and a nap and now has eaten chicken noodle soup and seems fine.  We hope so!

Selah is doing good, still a lot of mucus but everything else is fine.  STILL waiting on the Tobymixion.......   I get so mad!

One of my readers sent this to Selah's Facebook page  this case happened in Buffalo NY, near Rochester.   When Selah was in the "rehab" we asked about another case like this and they did try her on one med then, it didn't seem to work.  It seems most of the cases like this I've read about  the patient is on a combo of drugs.  But you know what? This has given me hope again and I'm going to look into this.  Does anyone suggest a neurologist in the central Florida area who is someone who seems like he/she would be one to do some experimental treatment????    I've taken Selah  to the neuro that Sam has gone to for years, I like him but he would never try anything.  He doesn't give us any hope, not even in Sam's case.....  He was against HBOT.  But I am going to look into a new neuro so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Also another blog reader shared a BEAUTIFUL dream about Selah being healed.  And the Selah she described, was so much like the Selah we knew before the accident.  She is also from the NY area, we love our NY friends!  

So these two posts together have given me some HOPE for the new year!

A friend shared our Christmas card from 2004!   I saved it to share with you all.  Steve was 9 years old, Sam just 10 months old and me only 39 LOL  Jon was 41 with just a little grey hair!  The funny thing, I STILL have that black dress since I rarely wear it  My hair style hasn't changed much either  LOL  Sam has the funniest expression on his face.  We also dressed him as Santa and he was ticked off.  We have the cutest Mad Santa picture, I should scan it some day and put it on here. 

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  PLEASE pray that I can find a neuro that will work with us and Selah with new meds.....I can see that being a FIGHT!


  1. I just watched a documentary called 'The Ambien effect' that showed several people with severe brain damage wake up when given Ambien. Just a thought I would pass along, no clue if it would be an option, or an option for a child (these were adults) but thought if there was a possibility :)

  2. I just read the article you posted, as it wouldn't load yesterday when I tried. I literally have goosebumps! Brain injuries are such an unknown- doctors are basically guessing at what is going on. I'm sure those families were all told to give up hope years ago, that there was no chance for any improvement. Statistically speaking, that may have been good advice. But God works in the craziest, most wonderful and shocking ways! Science cannot explain this away! I pray you are able to find a neuro who will at least entertain the notion that there may be a possibility of something out there for Selah. She has her young age on her side, not to mention a big God in her corner too! I just know God has something special planned for her.

  3. I forgot to mention - I absolutely adore that family picture! Such a lovely shot! My oldest son had the same outfit that Sam is wearing, and I loved it so!