Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day AFTER Christmas...

You know I have trouble with titles.....  this one will work!

So fun day for me, yearly checkup....some extra tests ordered.  I don't think the doctor is really concerned/worried, just being proactive. I have a wonderful doctor, she took the time to talk to me, really talk and even pray with me.  What a blessing.  I feel like I got some real doctoring today, body & soul:)  

The kids have been playing with their toys and having a good day.  Sam has some sniffles and a little cough....  Selah's heart rate is up and her blood pressure too but we think it's because her blood pressure patch had to be changed out today.  Most Thursdays this happens, but our nurse called our pediatrician to make sure things were still in range, cause she is a bit higher than usual but still ok.  The nurse was so impressed with our pediatrician:)  He's such a good guy and so helpful with our kids!

Tonight I think we are planning to do the great take backs....Jon bought me three PJ sets, but they are really thin material (not sexy thin, cheap thin)  they are cute but not something I'd use!  He also got me a neck massager that just vibrates and it made me nauseous!  He did good with Miss Kay's Cookbook and the Olive Garden gift certificate LOL  Also on the advice of Shad (really?) he bought me "Despicable Me 2"  well I had already bought it for Shad so one copy is going back....    We will see if we make it there tonight.

Hope you all are having a good day and relaxing if you have the chance!

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