Friday, December 27, 2013

We got KittenS!

Yes I am a crazy mama!   Shad asked for a kitten for Christmas so I turned to friends and a friend had a friend who had a friend who had some baby kittens that needed a home! 

So off we went today to get a kitten..... here is Shad with Daisy.....

and here is Princess....
We came home with TWO!

she has the cutest fat bottom:)
Baby got back!





oh they love to play





the kittens are so good natured, they fell asleep on our hour drive back home, all curled up together in the cat carrier.  Once we got home, they got out and started walking around, now both of them are asleep on the couch like they've been here for years:)  Thanks to the family who gave them to us!
Shad is thrilled!  He is very responsible, one of his chores is to feed our outdoor cats and dog and to lay down the dog's blanket every night.  He is pretty good with doing it without being told.  NOW he will be taking care of the kittens.  We have a huge kennel (for a giant dog) and I've put the litter box and food in it.  It's in our laundry room,  From now on it is his job to keep it clean.  He has asked for a kitten for over a year.  Things have been too crazy....and we have one poor nurse who is terrified of cats.  Luckily she usually only works nights so we'll but them in the cart while she is here.  Maybe they will be so cute she'll start liking cats!  But I think children should have pets.  Steve had his own cat for 13 yeas, it died a couple of years ago.  We have some outdoor cats but most don't want to be petted.
This was Shad's day I guess.  Jon & Shad did some target practice with his new BB guns.  He loves his guns:)   He had a classic "Daisy" rifle but got a hand gun and an "automatic"  (not really just looks like one) for Christmas.   He is such a country redneck Chinese:)   Even the food he loves, like RIBS and fried chicken just crack me up!  Chinese is ok to him....not his favorite at all:) 


Selah is doing great, although her medicine is still NOT here!  I  HATE dealing with a mail order company.....being told I have to get her meds through them ONLY!  Thankfully the liquid antibodic and all the breathing treatments have helped her.  Her blood pressure and heart rate is back to normal also.  We may have to change her patch out every 6 days to avoid that instead of every 7 days.  But the good thing is we dont' give her the medicine Clondine except in the patch now for over 3 or 4 months!  We used to have to give it orally 3x a day and sometimes as  PRN also!  She has come a long way!
Sam has the sniffles and a cough.  Thankfully having a nurse here, I'm able to ask them to listen to his lungs and make sure there is nothing going on.  I didn't hear anything neither did the nurse.  I did give him some breathing treatments but no fever and he is eating fine and playing with toys:)  I just hate for him to feel sick!
Everyone else is doing good!  I had some coupons and some Beal's bucks so I took Steve to buy a few things today.  He hasn't ever really cared about clothes....but that is changing:)  FINALLY!
Sarah has been being more whiny and I LOVE it!  She wants to interact with us constantly, such a good thing emotionally!!!!!     She is all about being loved on now.  Really the past couple of weeks, I've seen this huge increase of her showing preference.  It is so good.  She used to be happy with being fed and held a little.  NOW she is all about wanting the attention all the time and will make a little "crying/moaning" noise, as soon as she is picked up she smiles.  She is learning that her needs and wants are being met when she asks.  It's great!


  1. Those kitties are adorable! Seriously cute markings!

  2. I'm so glad to hear the little furbabies are doing good. I miss them, thanks for posting pics.