Friday, December 13, 2013

What Christmas Spirit?

Every now and then I read some other blogs and find mine is sorely lacking!   Today I read some that had all kinds of Christmas things to do like cute little appetizers, and crafts to do with your kids and gingerbread house parties.....LOL  You won't find that here!  The best I do with appetizers is to get a bag of frozen turkey meatballs, pour them into a crock pot, pour in a jar of BBQ sauce and turn it in on....Voilà  you just got an idea for a Christmas appetizer!  LOL

As far as crafts go I HATE crafts!  Yep I hate them.  I've tried a few things over the years but never could get into them.  I'm all about the finished product and I can not stand mess.  And I really hate decorating too.  Now this year I did decorate for Christmas but I didn't do it at home, I did it at the church.  We haven't had a tree since Sam started walking!  I could just see him pulling it down on his head!  We did have one in our hotel last year, some friends put it up but we watched Sam like a hawk. 

I just pulled out all the kids Christmas presents because I hate them being in my closet.  I got them wrapped and put behind the church's Christmas tree since I have no where else to put them.  Shad was a bit concerned that someone would open one LOL!  I told him not to worry!  I absolutely HATE wrapping Christmas presents.  They are so hard to wrap,  Have you noticed how thin wrapping paper is now?  I was wrapping something with a sharp edge and I ripped it before I got it under the tree.  I had to tape it up.  And BTW we ran out of regular tape so I was using "nursing tape"  OH well.....  But my heart is grateful we have the finances to buy Christmas presents for our children.   I don't want to sound like an ungrateful whiner!   I love to give gifts to my kids, especially things I know they will like, I just hate all the wrapping that goes along with it!

So not too many cute tips here for the holiday season:)  I can't even get a decent family picture done!

One thing I did do faithfully was Christmas cards and a Christmas picture of the family.  We have lots of older family and older friends who aren't really on the computer so every year till last year, I did a family newsletter, including a family picture  and mailed them off.  I loved sending them because I know how I love getting a card and picture from old friends.   My college roommate just sent me there Christmas picture and I loved getting it.  So far she is the only one this year other than our car insurance salesman who sent us a picture of his office staff LOL

Well at this point in my life, no Christmas cards or pictures either:(  I guess I am Scrooge!  I did buy some Christmas DVDs (old ones we'd previously had on video) for us all to watch.  We watched most of Elf thus far......  We did catch the Duck Dynasty Christmas show last night, since we had it on DVR. 

I'm not a big holiday person, any kind of holiday unless it only includes time off from work with no additional obligations, like say Labor parades, nothing to put up on FaceBook to thank anyone for doing anything, no shopping or presents or decorating......YEAH for Labor Day!   That's my kind of a Holiday!  I'd make a really good Jehovah's Witness...they don't do holidays at all!  Not even birthdays!  Wow can you imagine the lack of stress in your life if you didn't have to celebrate the holidays?   No worrying if you should get Mrs Smith a present because she might just get you one.....  Sounds good to me!  I found holidays very stressful! 

Anyhow with that being said, I do my part!

So today is a lazy day at our house, no teacher or therapists.  This is Shad's last day of school for the year and he had a field trip to go bowling.  He just got in and said he got a strike!  Jon is off today too!  They guys are going to see "the Hobbit" and I'm hoping to go see "the Madea Christmas movie", maybe that will put me in the Christmas mood!   There is much excitement around here about the Hobbit movie!  Plans are being made and a whole big group is going, tickets are already bought....we have some Hobbit fans in our family and some of our friends!  Me and the little people will set this one out.....

Selah seems very aware this morning.  I know you all loved the pictures from last night.  It was wonderful to see her so awake and moving!  Believe me it does my heart good!  I just pray that that will continue! She tends to move the most around 5-7pm but I've never seen her move so much!  I just loved seeing her do that and looks so like herself again!  Please continue to pray that she will improve!   My prayer for our family is that Selah would come back to us and that we all stay healthy and together....there is nothing else that matters to me!   Thanks for your prayers for our LaLa! 


  1. Gift bags! Get them at the dollar store or invest in an assortment of reusable cloth or plastic ones - no more wrapping :) (I'm horrible at wrapping)
    I agree I don't know how people with kids find time or energy for so many projects - to decorate Christmas cookies to art quality levels or crochet all their kids matching mittens and animal caps.
    Maybe someday LOL

  2. As I read the many times you wrote the word "hate", well, I am shocked. While you may be just stating the facts, it makes me sad that you seem to carry a lot of anger. Where is the Joy? The Joy of living for Jesus? Children learn what they live.

    1. When I read your comment, I thought you were commenting on a recent post where I discussed the issues I've had with the school system in getting my little ones some services....but no it was a about a silly tongue in cheek post about what I hate about the post I wrote the word HATE 5x.....about doing crafts/wrapping things.... But don't worry your post gave me plenty of joy as I laughed at your absurd worry that my children will learn to hate because I hate wrapping presents and doing crafts.....I think my kids will learn plenty of love and how to care for others because of what they see in our home. I have plenty of Joy of Jesus....just not when it comes to crafts and decorating....I think I'm ok.....